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12 iPhone Tips and Tricks Ultimate List

This article has 12 iPhone traps and tips, including iPhone 4, 3GS and 3G tips and traps. It shows essentially some cool traps that you can do with iPhone, which makes iPhone more profitable and will save you a lot of time getting things done on the iPhone.

* In Safari and another application on iPhone, at the risk of pushing the best line between battery and time, iPhone will look up to the highest point of the page, and in safari it will increase the URL line.

* When you enter another Safari URL, in case you press and hold the .com.fang, you will have more options and then continue to hold and slide to the one you need and drop to choose one.

* Anywhere in iPhone when it is written, in case you press and hold a specific letter, you will get a fly up with different transfers of the letter. This is valuable when you write something in another dialect that uses Latin letters, similar to Spanish.

* In Safari, regardless of whether there is a connection to the chances of pinching it and holding you, you will have options to open the connection in a similar window, another window, or you can copy the connection. You will also observe the URL of this connection.

* To make a delicate reset to iPhone (restart), press and hold (home + control mail). Continue to stick to the point when you see the apple label.

* You can take a snapshot of your iPhone screen when, as such, press and hold Home capture and quickly tap the power capture. This will take a picture of the screen and save it in your photos.

* You can provide specific inclusions or parental controls on iPhone by going to Settings> General> Restrictions.

* Save photos on safari. You should just tap and hang on the picture and you will have the option to save it when it is saved it will be added to your photos.

* You can also forward and rewind music and recordings on your iPhone iPod by squeezing and forwarding or spooling.

* On the home screen, press the home team twice to increase the iPod controls.

* When you type something on your iPhone in case you press spacebar twice, it will add a period after a space.

* To move iPhone symbols around, touch and hold any symbol on your screen so you can move symbols around and you can delete symbols of the chance you press x.

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