Whether you’ve just got a brand new Apple Watch Series 6 or are wondering about some of its hidden features or the more advanced new features that the recently released watchOS 7 software provides, be sure to check out this handy review.

Practical video review: Apple Watch tips

Our videographer Harris Craycraft has put together this small, practical video review for all the people out there who might be interested in learning about both the big and less obvious features of the Apple Watch Series 6 and the new watchOS 7 software.

Without further ado, here are 18 tips and tricks for using the Apple Watch Series 6.

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Don’t have time to sit through the entire ten-minute video? Here’s a quick list straight up that shows you all the tips Harris mentions in his hands-on video.

18 Tips for Using the Apple Watch Series 6

  • Fast charging: Series 6 charges about twenty percent faster
  • Sleep tracking: Touch the bed icon in the Control Center to enter sleep mode
  • School time: Mainly for the Apple Watch SE, got to it from the control center
  • ECG: From series 4 you can measure the electrical activity of the heart
  • Oxygen in the blood: You can measure your Vo2 max levels with Series 6
  • Washbasin: Your watch can help you wash your hands properly
  • Messages: The option to remove all alerts is at the top of the Alert Center
  • Share dials: Touch and hold a dial, then touch the Share icon
  • Mac lock: As before, Series 6 can unlock your Mac automatically
  • Screenshot: Enable screenshots in Settings
  • Activity goals: Now you change the training and standing goals according to your own wishes
  • Find iPhone: Hold the Control Center icon to cause the misplaced iPhone flash to fire
  • Altimeter: Add the complication of real-time elevation data to the dial
  • Count up: This new dial lets you use a timer, and it’s pretty cool
  • Translations: Ask Siri to translate something into another supported language
  • Complications: Add more complications from the same app to the dial
  • Cycling instructions: Maps give you bike directions along bike lanes and more
  • Camera: Launch the iPhone viewfinder from the dial with the new complication

What is your favorite tip, and why?