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2 Apps for Mac screen and desktop

  View What is the only thing all our wonderful technological entities have in common? Battery? No. Apps? Yes. But that is not what is on the list today. The common denominator is screen.

We look at our screens for hours at the end. Information workers are glued to seats that are stuffed in front of even larger screens. Not all monitors are created equally, either. Some are small and unclear. Others are large and expansive. Here are two programs for your Mac screen.

Hocus Pocus Focus

First on my list is a Mac app to die because it brings focus back to your eyes. It's called DeskCover Pro, and what it does is something unique among Mac apps. For those of us who have too many apps opened on the Mac screen, DeskCover hides those you do not currently use.

OK, hides is a strong word; too strong because we are still trying to multitask and we want quick access to other programs without invoking Spotlight searches. DeskCover kinda sorta mostly interferes with them in the background. They are still there, still visible, but far less intrusive than a Mac screen with a dozen open programs.

 DeskCover Pro

DeskCover covers a messy Mac Desktop and does it with a single click or hotkey. That means you can focus on what is standing in front of your face without being distracted by applications hanging around the screen.

The front app window is highlighted while the others are dark and tucked away in the background. You get control of the entire shebang, but include an option to change color, select wallpaper or add a personal cover or image to hide the mess on the desktop.

Yes, DeskCover Pro also works with multiple apps so you can have more than one focus on (yes, Mac users are sufficiently productive that we can use multiple applications at once).

 DeskCover Pro

Sweet, right? I know what you're thinking: " What more do you have, Nat? "

As much as I love iPhone and iPad monitors, the screen is real estate where it is and nothing says it's loving yet a Mac with multiple monitors. ScreenFocus takes screen focus on Mac to another level.

Instead of having two or three large displays that give you a brightness of the sun that can only be useful at a time, ScreenFocus dims the screens you don't use. Open ScreenFocus and adjust the settings.

 ScreenFocus for Mac

As much as we try to multitask these days, I firmly believe that I really can really really do just one thing at a time. Two monitors on my Mac allow me to see more applications, but I'm usually stuck on just one until it's time to jump to another.

Spiritually, all the screens that stare at my face can disturb and ScreenFocus dims which screen or screens you are not currently using.

 ScreenFocus for Mac

You control the dimming level, how long it takes before the screen becomes dimmed, and fading and blurred duration. Move the Mac screen pointer from one screen to another, and the next screen will wake up, light up, and you're ready to rock and scroll – while the screen you just left, begins to dim.

Sweet, right?

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