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2 HDMs in iMac / Boot Camp: mac

I bought a used iMac from mid-2011, and I noticed that there appear to be 2 HDDs installed. One is the bootable 1TB Mac HDD, and another is listed under storage as "Untitled" and displays 1.47 GB (I guess originally 2 GB), which seems like a weird little HD to be added to. I'm guessing these models didn't come stock like this, right?

When I saw that it had 2 hard drives, I thought of Boot Camping the other drive with Windows 10, but it is not possible that 2 GB is enough space, right? Should I open it and put a new 1TB drive in there for Boot Camp, or should I become even more adventurous and grab an SSD and use it as a macOS boot drive and reuse 1TB for Boot Camp?

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