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20 Best Apple Deals on Amazon Prime Day 2020: AirPods, iPad, Mac

beats powerbeats pro and apple airpods pro
Enlarge / Beats Powerbeats Pro (left) and Apple AirPods Pro.

Jeff Dunn

Tuesday marks the start of Amazon Prime Day, Amazon’s annual Black-Friday-style sales event for members of the Prime subscription service. Although it comes a few months later than usual after pandemic-related complications, Prime Day remains a produced celebration of an increasingly problematic giant and a great benefit for 1

50 million people who want to save a few kroner on nice things.

No matter how you share it, Prime Day is also one of the rare occasions where we see several great deals on Apple devices. We can safely rule out immediate discounts on the just announced iPhone 12 series, and in general it is entirely possible that Black Friday offers better deals. That said, we is sees a few great prices on AirPods, iPads, MacBooks and various third-party accessories for Apple devices.

So because significant sales on these devices are unusual, and because we know that many potential customers are specifically looking for Apple hardware this holiday season, we’ve gathered the best Prime Day Apple deals below. We will make sure to keep this post updated when more discounts become available. As a reminder, most offers are only open to users of Amazon’s Prime membership service, and the actual Prime Day will last until 12 PT 14 October. For a complete overview of offers, we also maintain a more general overview.

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AirPods offer

Apple AirPods (left) and noise-canceling AirPods Pro.
Enlarge / Apple AirPods (left) and noise-canceling AirPods Pro.

Jeff Dunn

Prime Day offers the best we’ve seen to date on Apple’s popular genuine wireless earbuds, as AirPods are currently $ 45 off Apple’s MSRP and around $ 20 off the street price we’ve usually seen online in recent months. You probably know the point of the base AirPods model now: They are neither the best-sounding nor the longest-lasting headphones at their price point, and they do not fit well with everyone, but they are extremely light and easy to use with other Apple devices. There have been reports that Apple will introduce new AirPods sometime next year, but so far this is a good value if you are sold on the AirPods track.

If you’re willing to pony up a little more, the AirPods Pro represents an almost total upgrade over the base model. Currently priced at $ 199, they provide a more universal fit, a tighter in-ear seal, a more dynamic sound profile, a smooth “transparency mode” that lets you hear sounds outside without muffling your music, and active noise reduction that ranks among the best for real wireless headphones. This deal corresponds to the best price we have seen from a reputable dealer, and it is not limited to Prime members, so everyone can benefit from it.

  • Apple AirPods genuine wireless earbuds for $ 114.99 (usually $ 135).
  • Apple AirPods Pro Genuine Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones for $ 199 (usually $ 230).

Beats headphone deals

Beats Solo Pro are noise-canceling headphones on the ear.
Enlarge / Beats Solo Pro are noise-canceling headphones on the ear.

Jeff Dunn

If you’re not a fan of the AirPods aesthetic, the recent headphones from Apple’s subsidiary Beats can give you much of the same convenience and Apple-friendly functionality, since they use the same Apple wireless chips from Apple. Powerbeats Pro has been a favorite of ours, for example to bring the easy pairing and rock solid connection like AirPods in a more stable, more exercise-friendly design. They dwarf both AirPods models in terms of battery life, and last about 11 hours per charge. The main drawback is the huge size of the carrying case, but if you can handle it, today’s Prime Day deal marks another all-time low price.

Solo Pro, meanwhile, is a solid pair of noise-canceling headphones. They are not quite the best in their class, but they are equipped with Apple’s H1 wireless chip, which helps them connect painlessly with other Apple devices. The noise reduction here is not on par with something like the Sony WH-1000XM4 (which is also on sale for Prime Day), but it is good, and it is supplemented with a “transparency” mode much like the AirPods Pro. They also sound nice with a healthy but not excessive bass hump. The caveat here is that ear design is not for everyone and can be tight for those with larger heads (like yours really). Either way, Prime Day drops the headphones at the lowest price to date.

  • Beats Powerbeats Pro real wireless sports headphones for $ 174.95 (usually $ 230).
  • Beats Solo Pro Bluetooth noise canceling headphones for the ear $ 179.95 (usually $ 250).

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