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2020 iMac users with Radeon 5700XT GPU Facing Display Glitch

Last month, Apple 2020 launched the iMac update. The latest iMac comes with a 27-inch screen and is powered by 1

0th generation Intel processors, increased RAM and upgraded hardware. 2020 Mac owners now report problems with their computers.

New Mac owners face issues related to graphics. The owners have reportedly been facing problems since August, when Apple began shipping the iMac. In other words, the graphics bug appears to be exclusive to the iMac in 2020 and appears even during initial setup. The forum posts indicate that the graphics error is mostly accommodating iMac users who have chosen the advanced Radeon 5700XT GPU. A white horizontal line appears across the screen. This line flickers from time to time and does not seem to be a solution.

I just received my new iMac and noticed that from time to time a line error appears on my screen. It’s completely random, I thought it was related to intensive work / heat, but sometimes, even when the computer is idle, I see the line on the screen.

It was very difficult to catch it because it is so random, but I can register the moment an error occurs. Unfortunately, there is a lot of white background on it that makes it difficult to see, but it goes all over the screen. ”

Everything seems to be in place when users run references for CPU and GPU. However, the horizontal line on the screen continues. The white line appears every now and then. One of the users says that the problem disappeared after scaling down the resolution. It is not clear if this is a hardware or software problem. We hope Apple resolves the issue and replaces hardware if necessary.

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