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3rd generation Apple TV freezer: appletv

Hi everyone, would anyone be able to help me? I have a third generation Apple TV. It worked fine until a few nights ago, when it froze for the first time when I paused the video in the YouTube app I was watching. So I disconnected it because it did not work to hold down the menu buttons. When it restarted, it loaded as usual on the main screen, but the remote did not work at all. So, I disconnected it again, this time I kept it disconnected overnight. The next day I tried everything from resetting it via the laptop and iTunes to replacing the battery in the remote control. At first it seemed like resetting it, but tonight I got the same case. Netflix works well, I think Prime does too, but YouTube freezes whenever I pause a video. Sometimes it does not respond to the remote control after the screen saver is turned on, but will respond when I use the remote button on my phone.

Any suggestions on how to fix this problem? I’m not really in the market for a new Apple TV at the moment, or I just want to buy a new one, but if I can get more life out of the one I have now, I prefer it.

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