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4 Features of Urban (Top Wellness App) to Consider

This blog highlights information for wellness startup and healthcare planning to develop an app like Urban (UK-based Wellness App). We have curated 4 important functions in the wellness app, which startups must be considered for their wellness development.

If we can get a taxi driver on the doorstep by just a few cranes on the mobile screen, why not a trainer, a therapist

Actually, we can.

Fitness and wellness have officially entered the Ubarization of Wellness Trends App, which we saw in a big way. Today, people expect technology to make every aspect of their life, including fitness easier.

This is where the wellness app development genre has its niche market. Since we've all taken stress in different relationships from exam tension to money production right from our growing up phase, a self-awareness app and mindfulness app is what we all need. In this ever-changing world of economies, wellness applications like Urban can do wonders to help self-care, attention, stress management and mental well-being.

Recently, we came across with a news from TechCrunch that Urban, British based wellness app, has boosted the $ 1

0M series B in bid to become "one-stop shop" for the on-demand wellness app at home. The app world is trending and lends itself to several training programs, health programs, self-care meditation apps and mental illness apps. Today, people need some motivation to stay healthy, on the go, achieved by such health and wellness development, or you can also say self-improvement applications.

The Need for Wellness Applications

As a wellness technology startup or healthcare service, it is very important for you to understand the current need for apps and how wellness app features contribute to today's generation to cope with healthy lifestyle. If you feel that your well-being can also make a big difference to others' lifestyle, you must strive for your goal through mobile apps.

We have studied the current market value of health and well-being statistics for the UK via statista.com which clearly says a great need for health and wellness app. It was 20.5 trillion euros in 2015 and is expected to reach 25billion by 2020. seems to be a pretty good opportunity for healthcare professionals to choose well-being development and provide the best service only in few cranes.

  Wellbeing Development

Image Credit: statista.com

Now, let's march to key features offered by Urban, the world's top wellness app that you, as a well-being start, should consider while developing wellness development.

4 Key features of the Urban App that Wellness Startups need to be considered for their own well-being App Development

# 1 Choose from the sea of ​​well-being

The Urban app has a very specific menu that mainly contains wellness well-being such as: [19659017] Massage

  • Osteopathy
  • Nails
  • Facials
  • Urban Curates (Massage and facials using products from the user's favorite brand)
  • Indirect t he has mentioned the benefits of being on his wellness platform in the form of " Urban Curates. " When you decide to create an app for your wellness business, it is very important to add some extra wellness options in the form of discounts, rewards, wellness combinations to the menu to keep your online app users.

    # 2 Instant Relaxation From Qualified Practitioners

    Who doesn't like an authentic wellness treatment from a qualified practitioner at affordable prices?

    The urban app, headquarters in London, has curated pricing and practitioners on the most promising ways for users. The price does not include any hidden amounts or surcharges, as mentioned in the price menu, is the final amount.

      Self-wellness app development

    To become A top-of-the-line wellness app, well-being and demand massage apps are highly dependent on practitioners, the technology can give your business convenience, accessibility and affordability, but the magic is in the hands of manual service.

    Being a mental wellness app startup, make sure to curate the following correctly:

    • Curate Services That Idealize Wellness Art
    • Filter the Price That Can Generate App Revenue With User Satisfaction
    • The Available Services Must Have Their

    # 3 Book Insured Professional Practitioners As Per Will

    The upheaval of wellness app, Urban, has 1000 of qualified, insured and hand-picked practitioners. The accuracy provided by the app is seen in its booking system. The most flexible booking facility is available through the wellness app booking.

    • Anyone can order a professional service with their preferred practitioner and can use instant service.
    • You can also cancel and reschedule the agreement according to his preference without cancellation fee.


    This makes the flexibility of booking and re-booking a service that makes customers happy. In case your on-demand massage app development or wellness app development, always find small ways to get gratitude from users that Urban app does with the ordering feature.

    # 4 Unleashing wellness by disposal

    The Urban app provides customized wellness app. It comes home, or office if it's morning or evening. The user can pump out the favorite playlist, light the lights he loves and can adjust the temperature, the lighting according to the needs.

    The practitioners make sure the user relaxes and leaves with a sense of rehabilitation, and focuses on taking the world. Be sure to analyze the actual services needed for your targeted niche before developing the wellness startup program. Facilitate your app users with "promotional code and referrals" so they can benefit from health and wellness developments.

    In a nutshell

    Well + Good is your healthiest relationship. Having help for health and well-being users will create your own unique resource. And considering the phone as a full-time companion to a human being, how about using your healthcare app to be motivated and healthy?

    There are well-known giants like the Zeel app and the Soothe app that are great examples of health and fitness app development success. The wellness app has a lot to explore, so take your chances of conquering the mobile health service.

    We can help you achieve the desired results, as we are one of the leading mobile app development companies and have already developed over 60 top-level health and fitness programs and start-ups.

    For further questions such as the wellness app development prize, you will create a wellness app such as Zeel and Soothe, the cost of developing an app from an Indian app developer, will develop a health and fitness app, how to hire mobile app developer for health and wellness app. Contact us through our contact form. One of our sales representatives will answer your question soon. The consultation is completely free.

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