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4 ways to write recipe and subscription to a Mac

So let's look in different ways that you could create text Superscript or Subscript. What are these? Well, if you don't know Superscript is when the text is above baseline. You usually use it in math. So you should say seven squares you want the 2 where raised. Subscriptions are when it is down. This is sometimes used in math as well. It is often used for equations and for other reasons. So this is super script and this is subscription. Now write these on a Mac. There are a number of different ways.

Here I am in TextEdit, and I'll show you one of the most basic ways, but it also takes many steps and can be a little frustrating. Say I want to say something like seven squares. I would write 7 and then 2. The two are supposed to be superscript. The square part. Now I use Rich Text formatting here in TextEdit. So it's not a plain text document. This is rich text. So I can stylize the text. If I go to Format, Font I can go to Baseline and that's the choice for Superscript and Subscript. So I can choose Superscript. But I'm not done yet because all it does is increase 2 above the baseline.

But it doesn't look very good because the two are still as big as the seven. Usually, Superscript and Subscript are smaller. So I'm going to want to choose this and resize. If I change it too much, as you might think half would be good, then it doesn't look good. So maybe something about 75% looks pretty good there. The same for Subscript. If I wanted to make that subscription instead, instead of going to Font, Baseline and Superscript, I'd do the Subscript and put it down below.

Now it is typical when you look at nicely set things, recipe or subscription made in this way also highlighted. So whether it is subscription or super script bold it makes it a little better. Then you may be able to adjust and play with the font size a bit. Sometimes you will get it just so the number of lines lines up with the top there. So you have many different options, many different steps. There are also other ways to do this.

One way to do this is to use special characters. There are special characters for numbers that are superior and subscription. So I'm writing 7, but I'm going to get a special character just like I will get some special characters or emoji. I will do control, command and space to retrieve the character selector. I'll use the search box to search for the recipe. You can see that there are a lot of numbers here and some other things. A small tag, and n. That kind of thing. So let's use 2 here and you can see that it puts a 2 there. It is a special sign. It is not common 2 you type with the keyboard. It is perfectly aligned to the top.

So this is a very nice way to do it, but you see that you have a limited number of characters. So if you make a formula and you have to spell out a word or something, or look like C or W or another variable like the recipe, then it won't work either. But you can go and use these to say square a number. Note that of course, when I use this, I get it there in the list Usually used at the top, so it's a little easier to write. There are also subscription figures. So I can use the subscription 2 and you can see that it puts the 2 below. Again, it's a separate sign. These are two different characters, and they are different from number 2 that you usually type.

So there is another way to do using the caret symbol. The caret symbol looks like this ^. On an American keyboard it is Shift 6. The Caret symbol does not look good. Here's what seven to the second power looks like 7 ^ 2. It doesn't look like it, but it's far more functional. It is more functional because it is used in programs that do math. It can be something as simple as Spotlight. So I'll do Command Space to get Spotlight. If I do 7 ^ 2 I suppose I mean for the power of two and I get the right answer.

So when you write something in a program that expects a mathematical formula, it can be the graphics jacket or another mathematical cup. Using the caret symbol, you get the recipe when you try to make math. This is used so often that it is viewed online in documents everywhere. So while this may not look so nice, you see it a lot. Just do a search on mathematical formulas online, and you'll come up with tons of websites that actually just add seven squares like that. So when you start to see it all the time, it doesn't look so good. It is also good, because if you work in a plain text environment, you say writing a plain text document or some kind of system where you just don't have all those special characters, so do it this way, it will always work. You will always be able to get it, and most people who look at math will understand that 2 is now a recipe. There is now the power of 2.

But I would also show you that because you can actually get superscript characters. Let's go to a full-fledged word processor, Pages. Now in Pages you can do the same things. You can mark 2. You can Format, Font, Baseline and choose Superscript. You can also use these special characters. But you also have the opportunity to insert an equation. This provides a small equation editor that uses two of the standard formats to write equations. So you write a special type of code here to actually get a result.

So if I enter a number like 7, you can see here in the Preview below, it's going to put number 7. If I want to write to the power of 2 I can write the caret symbol there and 2, and that Understand and will translate this into 7 and then heading 2. In fact, you can actually do more characters with this. Because if I wanted to make 7 to the power of 23. Well, first, it doesn't seem to work. I'm writing a three and the three are under. But if you write curly brackets around something, they group them together. So then you see that I get 7 to 23 power.

So I can also insert characters here, letters. So I can put 7 abc up there and then I get the characters that I couldn't do with special characters very easily. If you want to make a subscription, you can do the underline instead of caret and it will add a subscription. So you can do something like this, which is a little more complex, make the Insert and it adds it. This is not text. This is a particularly small element here. You can see I choose it and it grabs it. It's almost like a little picture. Then it is good that I can copy it and paste it into apps that do not have the function Insert Equation.

So I can go back to TextEdit here and I can paste it. It's not text. I can't choose individual characters. It's like a picture, but it works. I can go, say to Mail where it is also not insert equation. But I can paste it in an e-mail message and paste a small picture there. So you can do complex math formulas with parent and subscription in other apps as long as you start in a place like Pages where you can enter the special equations.

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