In today's investigation of technological agreements from all over the world, we have discounts on everything from PS Plus 1-year membership to wireless Dyson vacuum cleaners, and much more.

Sony PlayStation Plus 1-Year

Top eBay Seller Neogames has 1 year membership to Sony PlayStation Plus service right now. They usually run around $ 60, but for a limited time you can get a membership of just $ 43. PS Plus lets you play multiplayer games online, gives you free downloads, exclusive content and tons of discounts. Even if you already have a membership, you can still grab it at a discount and stack it.

Amazon Device Agreement

$ 100 by AmpliFi Mesh Wi-Fi Systems

For the month of February, AmpliFi is charging $ 100 of its Mesh Wi-Fi systems for people who upgrade their network's Wi-Fi networks. All you have to do is take a picture of a non-AmpliFi network system, unplugged, and submit it. You can reach them by email at or on Twitter / Instagram by tagging your photo with #AmpliFiUpgrade @ AmpliFiHome. If accepted, you will be sent a $ 100 discount code.

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