"A group of graduates have found three new security errors in the 4G and 5G, as they say can be used to capture phone calls and track the locations of mobile phone users," reports Zack Whittaker for TechCrunch.

"The findings are said to be the first time the vulnerabilities have affected both 4G and the incoming 5G standard, which promise faster speeds and better security, especially against enforcement of cell simulator usage, known as" stingrays, "reports Whittaker. "But the researchers say their new attacks can defeat newer protections that were thought to make it harder to sniff telephone users."

"The paper, seen by TechCrunch before the call, details the attacks: the first is Torpedo, which exploits a weakness in the paging protocol that users use to notify a phone before a call or text message arrives. that multiple phone calls placed and interrupted in a short time can trigger a paging message without notifying the target device of an incoming call, which an attacker can use to track a victim's location, "Whittaker reports. "Torpedo opens the door for two other attacks … [that put] even the latest 5G compatible devices at risk from stingrays …"

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MacDailyNews Take: The Good News is that the errors have been reported to the GSMA and the carriers, who can now solve the coastal security issues.