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5 food diary to track what you eat and how it affects you

What you eat affects how you are. And it's not your weight alone. Food affects mood, health and other lifestyle factors. Track what you eat with these diary apples for food to find out how the food affects you.

It may seem like a pain to track every single thing you eat, from odd snacks to meals. But much like it's a good habit to maintain a journal

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It is a good habit to log on all food consumption. You will find new things about yourself.

The best food diary apps have different approaches. Someone just asks to add what you eat, others ask for more details. Take a look and choose what works well for your journaling mode.

See How to Eat (Android, iOS): A Visual Food Diary

The easiest way to start your food on journeys travel is by taking pictures of every single thing you eat. Seeing how to eat is still an ongoing job, but it's a pretty cool app for beginners.

The idea behind the app is that most food diary apps require too much recording (such as calorie counters

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) and thus a refusal. Seeing how to eat requires something more than taking a picture of what you ate and then moving on. For beginners who forget to do that, it also includes reminders so you can get alerts during your regular meals.

Ideally, you should take pictures of every single thing you eat, from a drink of water to the biggest meal. See how you eat limits you to 12 images a day so you can not use it for water or maybe even your coffee breaks. There are still a few errors, but the app works well enough for beginners to start tracking the food.

Download: See how to eat for Android | IOS (Free)

YouEat (Android, iOS): What You Eat And Why You Eat It

YouEat is a beautiful food tracking and journal app that wants to map the path to all your meals and ask why you ate them. It basically shows the triggers that make you eat right or away from your diet plan.

How it works. You take a picture of what you eat and mark it as on-path or off-path . The path is your diet plan, so when you cheat or have something you do not want to mark, mark it as an off-path. For each picture you also notice why you ate that meal, for example hungry, stressed, cramped, it was time, etc. And you can add notes of course.

Do It Regularly and YouEat's Trail is an excellent way to look at the food choices you make and the reasons behind them. Adding that reason is a good way to find out which triggers cause you to break the diet. Stuff like this is what you need to hold onto your diet and lose weight

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Download: YouEat for Android | IOS (Free)

RiseUp (Android, iOS): How Your Food Affects Your Mood

RiseUp realizes that what you are using affects your mental status, especially if you suffer from any disorder . The app lets you track what you ate and how you felt that day, giving you recognizable patterns over time.

The memorial log is where you add what you ate, how you ate it, and whether you ate it alone or with other people. You also add how you feel around that meal time. RiseUp also has some customizations that you can add to your meal, such as weighting yourself before / after or binge-eating. It's about recognizing patterns.

RiseUp sends you reminders all day to check in with your current feelings and thoughts. When you take all the data together, you get a picture of how the food affects your mood.

Download: RiseUp for Android | IOS (Free)

Cara (Android, iOS): Advanced Full Body Tracker

Cara is an excellent app for advanced users who want to connect food and water consumption with life's symptoms. Aside from food, it tracks a number of other factors, allowing you to connect the dots later.

As with the other apps, add Cara every time you eat or drink something. There are no fancy drop-down menus here, just type it and take a picture if you want. Cara also traces water intake. Do not drink it can have negative health effects, so this is a good way to remember drinking water

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Other factors you add include stools, digestion, mental status, medication and supplements, period, skin condition, exercise, sleep and pain. Over time there will be patterns that make connections between health and food. So if eating pineapple gives you rash, this is the best app to figure it out.

Download: Cara for Android | IOS (Free)

MyPlate (Android, iOS): Simple Calorie Counter With Great Community

MyPlate is a calorie applet of LiveStrong, which means you get the entire existing LiveStrong community to squeeze you into your goals and wishes. It's like some of the other calories counting exercise equipment

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but I found the interface to be easier and more comfortable to use than anyone else.

MyPlate asks you to set goals, such as looking at carb or sodium intake. Then it's about logging everything you eat. It's easy to add something by searching from the database of two million items, or by capturing barcodes to automatically identify items. MyPlate will automatically calculate calories and nutritional breakdowns.

The app is actually very similar to other heavyweights such as MyFitnessPal, HealthifyMe or Lifesum. If you prefer any of them, join it. But if you have not tried any other calorie-increasing app, the MyPlate interface may be easier to begin with.

You Can not Skip Exercise

Once you've figured out what your eating habits are and how they affect you, you may be tempted to believe that it's the only change you have to throw the pounds. But science disagrees.

While a good diet is needed to lose weight, you can not skip exercise or other healthy choices. To find out more about the science behind this, read our article about losing weight faster with diet or exercise

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