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5 free apps to turn photos into art on Android, iPhone or the Internet

Akin to Instagram filters, there are now apps that can make a picture into a painting. From Munch's scream to Mondrian is the geometric genius, these artistic effect filters are easy to use and available for both mobile and desktop.

If you want to know how to make a picture as a painting free of charge, you may be interested.

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. While all apps use the same algorithm, the way it is used in different applications is what sets them apart.

1. Prism (Android, iOS): Best of the Art Filter Apps

You've probably seen this app mentioned either on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Prisma hit the art style filter, because it is incredibly easy to use and does some things none of the other programs.

With Prisma, when you select an image and a filter, it will immediately use the filter (takes about 10-20 seconds) and shows you a preview of your final image. You can then slide your finger left or right to set the filter's intensity, from 0 to 100 percent. And there are common image editing options like exposure, contrast, saturation, etc.

The free version only works with SD quality and has many great filters already. To unlock HD images and over 300 filters, you must subscribe to the Premium $ 1.99 per month plan.

If you like to think around to make your photos into art for your social media, then the premium version would be worth it. Prisma is the easiest to use among all these apps to turn a picture into a painting.

Download: Prism for Android | IOS (Free)

If you want to have full-size photos in particular and don't worry about the number of filters or how well photographs are in paintings, you can also check out Vinci. It's free and you get high definition watermark images. But the effect does not look as good as Prisma.

Download: Vinci for Android | iOS (free)

2. Dreamscope (Web): No waiting, high resolution images

  Dreamscope turns pictures into paintings online for free

You don't always need a smartphone to turn your photos into these great paintings. If you want to know how Pablo Picasso would have turned your photos into watercolors, find out on the Dreamscope.

This web app uses the same DeepStyle generator and has several different styles that you can use as filters. In fact, after Prisma, I think DeepStyle has the largest collection of styles.

More importantly, the Dreamscope does not compress your photos. You can upload a high resolution image and get a high resolution image in return, while all the other apps will shrink it to a smaller size. High resolution will be required if you want to print some of these "painted images" and hit them.

You can also browse the gallery of the latest Dreamscope creations from other users to see the cool creative possibilities of this photo template app.

3. DeepArt (Web): Create Custom Styles

  DeepArt is a free web application for making images into artistic paintings.

DeepArt is a web app with the ability to turn a painting you see online in a filter style. And the result is surprisingly good, even if you don't use a familiar painting.

Let's say you found a wonderful unfiltered image that someone shared on Instagram after they had tweaked the settings to get it right. You can download the Instagram image and turn it into a filter for yourself at DeepArt as long as you sign up for it.

Upload your own image, select the new filter you created, and see DeepArt marry the two. I recommend checking out the "Latest Photos" category to be inspired by what people are creating, so you have an idea of ​​what you want to do.

The final "paintings" have a size of 500 × 500 pixels, and take some time to generate. You can get your paintings faster by paying a small fee.

4. NeuralStyle.Art (Web): Most Powerful Artistic Filter App

  Neuralstyle.Art is the most powerful artistic effect photo editor app to turn pictures and videos into paintins

If you are a professional or designer who needs much more control over the effects of DeepStyle, you must head to NeuralStyle.Art. This web app is the most powerful photo art file among all those I tested.

The free version has similar limitations as others, such as SD resolution and can only do three jobs a day. But the size of think you can do with the style of painting, brush size, intensity and other parameters is unmatched in other apps.

NeuralStyle.Art really shines when you go to the pro versions, starting at $ 1.99. You can then apply filters to videos, remove watermarks, gain stronger levels of filters, and even batch processing multiple images.

5. r / deepstyle (Web): Discuss all things related to art filters

  Reddit's r / deepstyle has all the news and information about programs that make pictures into paintings.

Want to know when a killer new app is available? Want an app like this that worked with videos? Want to create your own app? Want to see what others are creating? Reddit has a whole forum for this.

Over on r / deepstyle you will find everything related to this new algorithm, from papers on how to create your own app to existing software and galleries. The community is quite helpful with all aspects of this technology, and will even give you suggestions and criticisms on how to make your photos better.

Try artificial intelligence photo filters

Go to the app for most lock users should be Prisma, given its range of filters and usability. If you want to make a picture like a painting for free only once, then Dreamscope is the best option. DeepArt is ideal if you want to try to create your own filter. And NeuralStyle is best for professionals and anyone else who regularly wants the most powerful picture to paint the app.

These photo art tapes are just a drop in the vast ocean of cool image editing. In fact, you should check out some of the new AI-based photo editing apps

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for mobile and desktop. The types of effects and enhancements they offer, with minimal recording from you as a user, will come to mind.

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