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5 of the finest daily carrying pens in the known universe – Review Geek

  A pen in a pocket on the front of jeans.
Alexlukin / Shutterstock

Pens are everywhere when you don't need one, and nowhere when you do. So is the order of things ̵

1; unless you decide to master the situation and arm yourself with one of these amazing, everyday carrying pens (EDC).

Back in the 90s, coffee mugs were full of free promotional pens everywhere. We wore Teva sandals, just to protect our feet from the dangers of beach pens hiding under the sand, waiting to be hit. Like the worm in Tremors .

Now, the only practical tool most people have is the smartphone. But the EDC movement is pushing back, and pens may be ahead. Think of all possible scenarios. Need to draw a T-Rex on a napkin? EDC pen. Do you have to sign an autograph for a fan? EDC pen. Want to get evidence of a criminal scene, but don't want to wear forensic gloves because they get that powder over their hands? EDC pen.

And that's not where the utility of a great EDC pen ends. Check out the list below for some of your best games.

Best General: Rite in the Rain Trekker Pen

  Rite in the Rain Trekker Pen with the cap of sitting on a table.
Rite in the Rain [19659003] Rite in the Rain's Pencil Pen is elegant in its simplicity, yet brutal in its ability to write about just about anything, as long as it is within the "Goldilocks Zone. " Although that means that this pen would theoretically be useless at, say, Mercury, it will work just fine from -30 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. At such extremes you will not feel good, but the pen will be content – even comfortable.

So, it works on earth. Also, most likely, place the print cartridge. This little guy is especially fond of writing in, well, the rain. Or maybe it is not happy at all, but rather completely indifferent to the rain. Buy the pen and you can ask it yourself.

Aesthetically it evokes the easy use of a slim hand grenade. The barrel is metal as hell, with a rubber grip to prevent it from slipping under wet conditions. The refillable ink is of course also in all kinds of weather. It's almost like this pen was designed by engineering graduates.

A word to the wise: the keychain is attached to the cap and the cap is pressed. So be wary of hanging the pen from your person using a keychain, otherwise you may lose it.

Best Premium: Ten Click EDC Pen

  Three Ten Click EDC pens sitting on a brick.
Big Idea Design

Sometimes it's hard to say why a "premium" pen is premium. Big Idea Design is not one of the best pens for bags.

Ti Click is a heretical form, maintained by feeding refills of other pens. It is compatible with over 100 types of ink refill cartridges, but how?

If you could somehow get under Ti Click & # 39; s titanium skin, you would find unpleasant horrors. Internal jaws are much like the bit holder for a power bore, so they can be adjusted to grip tips of different sizes. The body is also adjustable, telescopic to accommodate different fill lengths.

It also has a nice little pocket clip and comes in three finishes: Stonewashed, Midnight Black and Machined Raw.

Best Budget: Zebra F-701

  Zebra F-701 Pen.

Maybe you don't have $ 105 for a pen, even if it is capable of cannibalizing other pens. Still, you want a good pen with a stainless steel part that writes very well. And if you lose it, fine – you can buy a new one.

And if it has a product name that sounds like an advanced fighter, well, so be it. It's the Zebra F-701. Zebra pens have some lovely ballpoint action and leave good lines, so they are great to write (or doodle) with. The knurled grip gives you good control, and the retractable piston is silent in case you need to click it anxiously while hiding from bats. This one comes with black ink, but you can buy refills in other colors.

Best Compact: Fisher Space Pen Bullet

  The Fisher Bullet Space Pen.

In space no one can hear you screaming, which is why you need to write things down.

When our brave astronauts need to write their screams, they do so with a Fisher Space Pen. The patent (No. 3,285,228, if you want to look it up) was filed in 1966, albeit with a longer, non-bullet design. The big deal with this patent was not just to make a print cartridge under pressure, which was necessary for gravity writing. Printing is easy. The real trick was to make thixotropic ink which is a gel at rest but a liquid under pressure. Otherwise, you have a pen that leaked uncontrolled, due to the pressure.

Check out the Smithsonian magazine to learn more about the scientific history of this technology, which is half the fun of owning one of these pens. There are a number of modern form factors, but we chose the Fisher Space Bullet Pen for this EDC list because it is compact while closed, so it can easily fit in (or on, with the clip) pocket. Also, thixotropic ink prevents accidents from happening – unless your pocket is in a high pressure environment.

When you are ready to write, you have to put the cap on your tail, and it all sits in your hand like a full-size pen.

However, be careful if you use it in outer space – the matte black color makes it hard to see in the endless void if you drop it.

Best Tactical: Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen

  Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen.

When you hear the word "Gerber", two things usually come to mind: knives and baby food. This pen comes to us with the permission of the knife maker Gerber.

Impromptu is a sturdy, angry pen, ready to smash windows with the integrated glass switch, should you ever drive the car into a lake or want to rescue a dog from a hot parked car. Actually, it is ideal for car windows. We recommend exercising legal restraint with the glass break.

Write whatever you want, even if it's a pen. It uses ink cartridges from all kinds of weather from the aforementioned Rite in the Rain people, and the body is machined from steel and coated in Cerakote – a ceramic coating that makes it resistant to wear. They put it on guns too.

Impromptu is also marketed as a self-defense tool, given its tough construction and contours to hold it in hand. We haven't tested it, but it looks like it will probably work better than a linked car key.

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