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5 signs that you need to replace the iPhone

Do you really need a new iPhone? They are so expensive now, and yours is … fine. It is fine . You've never been one of those people who need a new phone every year, or every other year, anyway.

How do you know when it's time to take the chance and ditch your old iPhone for a new one? [19659002] We are certainly not one to encourage the cycle of unstopped iPhone upgrades. It's a good thing to hang on the phone for a long time. But just as some users feel compelled to upgrade too often, others endlessly refuse to get a new phone until their current one literally won't work at all, and may need some help accepting that the old phone holds them back. 1

9659002] If one or more of these characters apply to you, it may be time to replace your iPhone.

You can no longer get iOS updates

Apple does a better job than any other phone manufacturer that supports old hardware with new versions of the operating system. IOS 12 is supported by iPhones dating back to the iPhone 5s (released in 2013) and iPads back to the third generation iPad and iPad mini (released in 2012). It's six years old!

  ios 11 2 5 update Jason Cross / IDG

Although you can live without the new features of the latest work by iOS, you should not discard their security updates. [19659010] And Apple also made a special effort to make iOS 12 better on older devices like earlier versions of IOS. There is a difference you can feel immediately.

If you can't run iOS 12, definitely time to upgrade. Not only are earlier versions of iOS missing important features, but there are also important security updates in all iOS releases.

When released iOS 13 later this year, it cut off support for the oldest devices supported by iOS 12. If and when that happens, if you can't make the new cutoff, consider the old iPhone version and Put it on the pasture.

Your screen is garbage but is not worth fixing

Cracked screenshots are common. Chips, cracks, and even completely split screens happen to the best of us. They make the phone difficult or dangerous to use, and of course they are just frustrating.

  iphone 6 plus cracked Warren R.M. Stuart (CC BY 2.0)

If you can afford to fix the broken screen, but it's only worth it, your phone is too old.

For most people it is important to get the screen fixed. If the screen has been busted for a year and you don't want to fix it because it costs more for the repair than your phone is worth, it might be time to continue.

Think about what says your old iPhone is not even worth fixing . If it's not worth fixing, it's not worth using.

You're embarrassed with your photos

When you bought the iPhone, you were amazed at the pictures and videos you took. Now, every time you and your friend take pictures of the same, you are shocked at how good their looks and embarrassment of how bad your looks.

Phone cameras are getting better every year, and Apple always pushes the envelope. That doesn't mean you have to get a new phone every year, but that means the photos taken by an iPhone only three or four years old will look worse than a new one. 19659002] Everyone has a different level of satisfaction with the pictures and videos they take, so the need to upgrade for camera quality will vary. But don't take dark pictures of life's ephemeral moments just because you're too stubborn to replace an aging iPhone that works fine.

You can't find accessories for it anymore

You need a screen protector, but you can't find a layer for your iPhone model. It's time for a new case, but the stores only have one or two to choose from. You should buy that car kit, but it's made for a different size iPhone, and your fit isn't right.

Generally speaking, the iPhone is so popular that you can find accessories for your particular model at major retailers for years. It's definitely not true in the Android world; The collective Android market is large but no model is popular enough to continue supporting long.

  Apple 30 pin Apple

If you still use one of these, you should probably have replaced the iPhone a few years ago.

So if you don't find accessories that fit or work with your iPhone, definitely time to continue.

And if you have an iPhone with a 30-pin connector, you should have upgraded a few years ago.

You're always out of storage

You've tried everything. You save your photos and videos online. You have optimized the iPhone Storage enabled in the Photos section of the Settings app. You have deleted all the apps you don't really use. You've done everything you can to reduce other storage space.

Still, you run out of space on the iPhone. You cannot download the app you want. You get a warning when trying to take pictures. You will receive a warning when trying to update iOS.

  iPhone Other Storage Jason Cross / IDG

You never want your iPhone storage to be full full.

At some point, you have to face fact-like operating systems and apps do more, they get bigger. When you take more pictures, even the thumbnails and the indexes become larger. 16 GB of space "just good" when you bought your iPhone a few years ago now feels like trying to push a fleet of SUVs into two garages.

You cannot upgrade iPhone storage. You can just get a new iPhone. And if storage limits prevent you from using your iPhone the way you want it, maybe it's time to consider it. You might not get the smallest storage space this time, for fear of being back in this boat again in a few years.

How to move everything to your new phone

When you finally get a new phone, you want to transfer all existing data to it. We have a guide to help you.

Of course, you might turn in your old phone as a purchase. The Apple Store or carrier should help you transfer your data, and then wipe all the traces of your information from your old iPhone before you turn it on.

If you want to sell your phone yourself, please see our guide for assistance in preparing for the sale and choosing how and where to sell it.

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