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5 Ways to Instantly Take Notes on iPhone

On the surface, it appears that iOS low level of customization leads to a lack of tools to quickly perform tasks. While IOS & # 39; closed environment does not provide as much freedom as Android, there are several ways to interact with the iPhone than just using the Home screen.

The Control Center is now customizable and you can access many widgets right from the Lock screen. And with Siri Shortcuts, iOS 12 has taken automation to a whole new level.

All this combines means that there are several ways you can quickly make a note before the idea escapes. Check out the best options in the list below.

1. Use instant notes from anywhere

  Open new note from Control Center GIF

Instant Notes is an incredibly useful Apple Notes feature that is hidden a few layers deep

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in the Settings app.

When enabled, you see a new Notes button in the Control Center. Tap it and the Notes app opens immediately. By default, it opens a new blank note each time, but you can set it to open a specific note as well. And because the control center is available anywhere in iOS, you can now create a new note with just a swipe and a tap.

How to set up:

Step 1 : Open Settings app on iPhone and go to Control Center .

Step 2 : Select Customize controller . From the list you find Notes the control and press the green Plus button next to it.

Step 3 : Notes Show you now in the list of enabled controls and control center. You can re-order the controls if you wish.

Step 4 : Now you can configure the behavior of the Notes button. From the Settings app, scroll down and find the option Notes .

Step 5 : Next, swipe down and press Access Notes from the Lock Screen button.

Step 6 : You will see a few options here. If you want an empty note to be displayed each time, select the Always Create New Note option .

Step 7 : To display the same note each time (perhaps if you & # 39; re restoring a list of items you do not want to forget), select the Continue Last Note option. This will reveal several options below.

Step 8 : You can choose to resume the note last created from the Control Center or what appears in the Notes app. You can also create a new note after a specified time (a few minutes, an hour or a day).

These options are unnecessarily complex. We suggest setting it up to create a new note each time. If you want the same note to appear, note the note Created on the lock screen . And to avoid confusion, select Never from Create New Note .

Now you have an instant one-touch option to take note wherever you are iPhone!

2. Draft 5

Draft 5 is designed as a starting point for any kind of text. You can use it to capture ideas, notes, tasks or even emails. Draft serves as a quick dump for what happens in your mind; Just open it quickly and start writing. The app has a set of extensions and tools that make it easy to send the text to the appropriate app in a compatible format.

Drafts is a powerful productivity app and you should definitely explore everything it has to offer. But here we will focus on the quick notes in the app. Once installed, it's time to configure the widget.

Go to your widget page and scroll to the bottom. Press Edit button, then click the green Plus button next to Draft . You can rearrange widgets if you want; It's a good idea to put Drafts at the top of the list, making it easy to start a new note. Press Done to finish.

Press the Plus button in the Draft widget, and it immediately opens a new note in Draft. To start a new note by using the text in the clipboard, touch the Clipboard icon. Draft also has an impressive dictation feature built in: simply press the Microphone icon and start talking. Draft will transcribe speech live and you can then create a new note using the text.

You can also use Drafts with Siri. Just say "Take a new note with drafts" and start talking.

Download: Draft 5 (Free, subscription available)

3. Cheatsheet Widget

Cheatsheet is designed for a specific purpose: to help you notice and remember small pieces of information. This is especially useful when traveling and need to remember train times or confirmation codes. You can use it to quickly note down small data points that you do not want to collect your primary note.

After activating the widget, press the Plus button to create a new note. Enter the text and select an icon. It will now appear in the Cheatsheet widget.

Download : Cheatsheet Widget (Free, Premium version available)

4. Take notes using Siri

If you're using Apple Notes and don't mind talking to Siri, one of the fastest ways to take notes is by using Siri. You can ask Siri to create a new note, a new note with a specific name, or even update an existing note. And everyone uses the natural language.

For example, you can say "Create a new note called Japan tour" and say "Don't forget to buy air tickets to Japan tour" and Siri will only do so. Because Siri is context-conscious, you do not need to specify the word Notes each time.

You can also ask Siri to show you a note you made recently, a note by the title or notes you made last week.

5. Siri Shortcuts

Go to Settings > Siri & Search > All Shortcuts and find Notes . Here you can create a Siri shortcut to open a note in the Notes app. Give it a sentence and the next time you say it to Siri, you find that the note opens immediately.

But this feature is not limited to the Notes app. Browse the section All Shortcuts and you'll have to find third-party notebooks. Apps like Bear and Evernote come with full support for Siri Shortcuts. You can create a shortcut to open a specific note and to create a new note.

But what if you want to open a frequently used note (like a handlist) right from the lock screen? The fastest way I've found is to use a custom shortcut in the shortcut widget. Application Shortcuts brings user-defined automation

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for iPhone, if you haven't tried it yet.

To create a custom shortcut to a note:

  1. Download and open the shortcut app (you need iOS 12 or higher).
  2. ] Press the Plus button to create a new shortcut.
  3. Search for the note or title of a note. You can find notes from Bear and Apple Notes here. When you find it, tap the note to add it to the shortcut.
  4. Touch Settings icon and name the shortcut. Enable the Show option in widget . If you want, you can add the shortcut to Siri as well.

Now go to the shortcut widget (after configuring it) and you will see the shortcut there. Click on it and the note opens immediately.

Download : Shortcuts (Free)

The secret life of your iPhone

For most users, the Instant Notes feature and Drafts will be enough. But the difficult part comes after everything is set up. You must remember to use the widget or shortcut a few times before it becomes a habit. Put the Drafts widget at the top of the list and you will save ideas from extinction in no time.

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. For example, did you know you can 3D Touch the keyboard to turn it into a track? Or that you can use the Messages app as a walkie-talkie?

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