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6 apps to find clothes by picture

Ever wanted a Shazam-like service to identify a cute dress or cool shoe you came across in public? It's not a long-term dream anymore, since you can now just pull out your phone and point your camera at clothes to ID them.

Here are the best apps for finding clothes by picture.

1. Find clothing from an image using Google Lens

Google's image recognition tool can identify clothing, personal accessories such as necklaces or any other type of clothing. This makes it an easy way to find a shirt you saw around town.

You don't even have to take a picture to use it. Just bring your clothes into the viewfinder's frame, and if successful, Google Lens will highlight it with a small blue icon.

After tapping this circle, the app will pull up a Google Shopping page (which in itself is an aggregation platform). This gives you links to multiple websites, such as Amazon and Walmart.

In addition, Google Lens works with outfits. So when you scan the look of another person, it will discover all the products they are wearing.

If you are an Android user, there are a couple of ways to invoke Google Lens. You can install the dedicated app, tap the Lens option while viewing a photo on Google Photo, or press the Lens button in Google Assistant. iOS users will find Google Lens functionality in the search box of the main Google app and Google Photos.

Remember that Google Lens is not limited to recognizing clothes. Here are a handful of other interesting uses for Google Lens, if you're curious.

Download: Google Lens for Android (free)
Download: Google for iOS (free)

2. CamFind: Another great app for finding clothes

CamFind is a visual platform for search engines that can find clothing from images. The process is straightforward: take a picture, give the engine a few seconds to process, and you'll see the outcome. Unlike Google Lens, CamFind is a bit slow, and it can often take up to a minute to go through an image.

When done, it offers shopping links, product description, and related YouTube videos. In addition, CamFind houses a social network so you can share your results with the rest of the users.

You can also browse through what others are looking to understand fashion trends and connect with like-minded shoppers. Fortunately, it is a private mode if you are not comfortable with the features of the community.

Download: CamFind for Android | iOS (free)

3. Searching for clothes via Amazon StyleSnap

Amazon's main app also has a clothing-focused visual search engine. Called StyleSnap, it works as you expect and lets you find a dress by uploading an image.

You can access this option by touching the camera icon in the Amazon app search box and then scrolling to StyleSnap . When you tap it, the app will launch the camera view and you must point it at the item of clothing you want to scan. Alternatively, you can upload an image from the phone's gallery.

If found on Amazon, it will add a small card at the bottom, which you can pull up to check the recommended product listings. At the time of writing, Amazon StyleSnap is only available in the US.

Download: Amazon for Android | iOS (free)

4. Look up clothes on social media with a Pinterest lens

Pinterest's mobile apps have a visual search tool called Lens that lets you search the social network's thousands of posts through images. Like Google Lens, this ID can include multiple items, such as an entire outfit.

Additionally, Pinterest will display shopping links for matched products. For this functionality, Pinterest has partnered with ShopStyle, a shopping and fashion and lifestyle platform. Therefore, you will not find links to Amazon or other trading sites.

Pinterest Lens also has a useful tool titled Lens the Look. It basically lets you explore outfit ideas with all the clothes from your existing wardrobe as a starting point.

So say you have a nice dress and want to find new combinations you can try using it. You can just upload a picture of the dress to Pinterest and it will bring out the relevant outfit ideas.

Download: Pinterest for Android | iOS (free)

5. Find your next outfit with a photo at ASOS

British fashion retailer ASOS's apps offer a neat reverse image search option to find clothing with a photo. You can either take a new photo or upload from local storage. It only takes a few seconds to complete the query, and most of the time it is accurate.

Once your image has been processed, the app will pick up styles most similar to the one you are looking for. There is not much else to do with the feature; It is also limited to identifying only one garment at a time. If you find something you like, you'll be happy to know that ASOS hosts 850 brands and delivers to 242 countries.

Download: ASOS for Android | iOS (free)

6. Find clothing by image using Screenshop

Have you ever taken screenshots of outfits you saw on platforms like Instagram for future reference? The first app from Kim Kardashian West's Craze company, Screenshop, is just for these screens. It allows you to easily find clothes using an image.

After importing the image, Screenshop scans the entire attire and divides the results into multiple tabs for each item. This means that if your image has three elements such as sunglasses, a dress and shoes, the results will also have three dedicated sections. On top of that, Screenshop lets you buy clothes right from the app, as it has associations with many brands.

Unfortunately, Screenshop is currently only available for iOS devices. However, an Android version is just around the corner.

Download: Screenshop for iOS (Free app purchases available)

Identify clothes and more using the phone

no longer have to roam the malls with photos of an outfit to reference. Thanks to these apps, all you have to do is pull out the phone and take a picture to find clothes by picture.

But you can ID a lot more than clothes. Your phone can detect florals, coins and even wine bottles. If you're interested in more, check out these apps to identify anything using your phone's camera

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