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6 Fun iPhone Party Games for the next group collection

Games are a great way to give a big dose of fun to any gathering. But in most situations you must have already bought a board game or card game before the party begins.

However, there are a number of different iPhone games that are perfect for parties, big or small. To help you get started, we highlight some fun iPhone games.

1. Heads Up!

From talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, Heads Up! is one of the most popular iPhone party games available. Perfect for all ages, the game's appeal is largely thanks to its simplicity and the fact that it can be played with anywhere between two people to a large group.

You want to keep an iPhone on your forehead and the Phone screen then displays a word from a variety of different categories. It's up to everyone else to give clues so you can properly guess the right answer. If you guess correctly, tilt down the phone screen to draw a new card. Tilting up will pass the word and also show a new paragraph.

Some of the fun deck categories include celebrities, movies, animals, accents and more. So you will always find something new to play with. At the end of the round you can see exactly how well you did. As a fun touch, you can even use the iPhone camera in front of the camera to record and then play videos of anyone trying to give clues.

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Download: Heads Up! ($ 0.99, purchase of apps available)

2. Evil apples: dirty as ____.

Be sure to hide the kids when playing evil apples: dirty as ____. A digital take on the popular card game Cards Against Humanity, prepare to laugh.

To start, a question card is displayed to all players. Each player then selects a response card to fill in the blank. The chosen referee will then choose his favorite answer card. The first player to win seven rounds is declared the victory. Questions and response combinations can vary from just fun to simply hysterical.

There are more than 4000 answer cards and 800 question cards to always keep things interesting. You can play with nearby friends at a gathering or even other times through texts, Twitter or Facebook. A random flash mode still lets you play instantly with strangers.

Download: Evil apples: Dirty as ____. (Free, purchase of apps available)

3. Just dance now

Dancing is a great way to turn the fun on any party. And Just Dance Now brings that excitement to almost anywhere without needing a game console. Your iPhone works as a controller while any Internet-connected monitor like an Apple TV, iPad, computer, or Chromecast device displays all of the actions.

After a few minutes it's time to dance. While the larger screen shows the dance and movements, your iPhone will act as a motion trace. There are more than 400 different songs available to dance to. You can even create your own playlist for a party or anytime else. All your calories burned while dancing are also displayed in Apple's health app.

The free version of the game allows limited access to songs, but you can unlock the entire directory through a purchase or subscription in the app.

Download: Just dance now (free, buy in app and subscription available)

4. The truth comes out

DeGeneres makes the list again with another great party game. The truth comes out takes some inspiration from Cards Against Humanity, but adds a more personal touch that focuses on you and your friends. You must have at least three people to play a game.

Everyone will answer questions like "What is the last thing Maria Googled?" Or "What's the biggest secret Laura holds?" The players will then vote for their favorite answers. You get points when friends choose your answers. The player with the most points at the end of the game is victorious.

A paid monthly subscription will unlock access to hundreds of more adult-oriented questions.

Download: The truth comes out free, subscription available)

5. What would you choose? Rather

A good app to start a conversation, what you choose has a simple premise.

The app has hundreds of different, you'd rather ask questions. For example, would you rather be a professional performer or a professional actor? You can vote for your favorite options and then see real-time results from players worldwide. There are no inappropriate questions, which means that this game is suitable for children.

Download: What would you choose? Rather (free)

6. Triple Agent!

Get ready for deception in Triple Agent! A party for between five and seven players, all you need is a single iPhone. Each round lasts about 10 minutes and has 12 different operations to create a different experience each time.

Initially, each player is assigned a role: a secret agent or a VIRUS double agent.

You continue to pass around the unit to learn more about all the players. At the end of the round, the players will vote who will catch. If a duplicate is selected, the service members will win.

Download: Triple agent! (Free, purchase of apps available)

Turn on fun with iPhone Party Apps

Instead of having to plan ahead, these options can help your friends with a good mood, wherever you are. Have fun talking and laughing, as everyone plays these fun iPhone party games.

Another quick way to bring fun to any party is to add some music. So be sure to take a look at these great wireless outdoor speakers

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to pump up the volume at the next meeting.

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