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6 key features to consider

This blog is for on-demand startups entrepreneurs. Here we have mentioned 5 important functions that demand start-up and businesses can consider during development on request.

On-demand applications act as the latest trend. After this trend, many and many companies are adopting and providing demand services to their customers. In today's article, we will take a detailed look at five prominent features of all on-demand delivery applications that can provide the foundation for business growth. But before that, let's quickly look at the popularity of applications on demand.

The Popularity of On Demand Delivery Sector

When an order is placed, the app, upon request, delivers requirements to consumers at the doorstep thus ushering in additional convenience and adding to its popularity. The highest mobility offered by these versatile applications to users is expected to yield a boom in this sector over the coming years. Consumers seek faster and timed delivery.

This is where on-demand delivery comes in, so consumers can order something that is in the comfort of the house, ranging from food, clothing, transportation or even a relaxing foot massage. The lower price charged and faster delivery offered by on-demand services in stark contrast to the traditional peers have increased their popularity.

According to the data from from the US Census Bureau's American Community Survey, ca. 22.4 million consumers are searching for such services on an annual basis by spending $ 57.6 billion approximately.

Now let's look at the most crucial mobile app features that can determine their ultimate success story.

5 Prominent features to be included in your on-Demand Delivery Business App

). Authentication is the key

The development of app delivery request must be addressed by keeping customers ahead so that users can register or log in by entering details such as email ID, name, location, mobile number, username and password.


In fact, there is a more advanced, secure and faster way of authentication – that is by letting users sign in or sign up using their social media accounts. So, if you plan to develop one on demand, keep in mind that authentication is the key to consider.

2). Visually Informative

It should also allow manual ordering of orders by filling out basic information in the form of addresses, preferred delivery time, price, product information and customer info. Customers should also be able to add products to the shopping cart and delete the same when it felt as needed. Once the order is placed, it displays the order summary before confirmation.

  visually informative on request app

Customers should also be able to cancel bookings when they feel. The entire layout of the app must be such that customers can easily find the required product or service they are looking for. The mobile screen has been accredited to reduce search time, and the focus on delivery application development on demand should therefore be to make the search function smart by implementing complicated sorting and filtering options.

3). Live GPS Tracking

The platform should be such that the order can be matched with the nearest free courier based on the current route and location. Supporting a strong GPS order tracking system can prove very useful for customers who want to know the exact positioning of their package, as well as their expected arrival time.

  real-time GPS tracking

If the customer ever needs to relocate the delivery or inform the driver of order approval, integration with phone calls or in-app messages may prove very beneficial. Live tracking can give customers a sense of security as they are constantly updated on the location of their ordered products. The ability to send push notifications can also help customers gain insight into important information about order and delivery status.

4). Payment Gateway Integration

When it comes to payment options, the more the merrier for a delivery application is on demand, as the customer can choose between available NFC payments, debit cards, credit cards, online banking, hardware integration and mobile payment gateways such as Google or Apple wallet.

  pay-on-demand apps

It can also be helpful if your application allows customers to store the card information to carry out the payment process in a convenient way in the coming days without having To start from the beginning but before accepting card payment, make sure you are compatible with PCI.

5). Review and Assessment System

Having a feedback mechanism in place can increase the confidence of customers in the brand that can again be highlighted in the quick retressal of complaints. Aside from serving as a platform for users to share their experience, reviews and reviews can also pay close attention to your brand, which in turn can be of great help to impress potential users.


A survey has shown that 59% of people go through reviews before downloading a brand new mobile app, making this a very important attribute to be considered.

Before closing this article, let us quickly look at the benefits of the delivery sector on request.

Advantages of on-demand delivery Sector

  • The primary function of an on-demand application is to find the right line with harmony between supply and demand in the fastest way, which is particularly true for delivery services, as it prioritizes comfort and demand. speed above everything else.
  • Based on independent contractors, demand models mostly use their exclusive transport mode, making it unnecessary for the business owner to take care of logistics or hire full-time couriers as a strong contrast to traditional delivery providers. This, in turn, results in significant savings of about 80% of the people using an on-demand delivery app.
  • From the business point of view, the entire process is streamlined by removing extra microprocessing layers which in turn connect customers directly with the couriers.
  • Competition


    You must take into account certain strategies to nail the demand market. To start, you can start your business on a local scale as it is much easier to manage the installation process as well as delivery logistics when the business is spread over a single location. You can always expand your boundaries later to bring larger audiences under your wings. Early on-demand delivery of your application application will help attract both beta testers and early users, who can ultimately help you attract the attention of potential investors.

    In a way like a local product launch, you build the first app version with limited functionality can serve as a good means of testing your product without overboarding your budget. It will also be easier to swing if changes are needed. When you finish with on demand delivery app development you need to take care of problem solving for immediate customers, as this can lead to dangerous consequences.

    So if you have an ideal idea in mind, discuss it with us as we are a leading mobile app development company and are already developing over 40 applications on demand. If you still have questions such as how much it costs to develop an app for demanding business, fill out our contact form and one of our sales representatives will come back to you as soon as possible.

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