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7 ways to find new mobile games worth playing


There are countless mobile games available to play on your smartphone. But with so much choice around it is difficult to sort the wheat from the coffee. In this article, we explore a number of ways to find new mobile games worth playing.

1. Check App Stores for Recommendations

At first glance, the extensive directory of mobile games available on app stores may seem overwhelming. However, Google and Apple have begun to cure mobile game lists to help you find the best.

The app stores now have personalized recommendations where you can browse a list of new games that are compiled for you. These suggestions are based on behavioral patterns that the games you have played in the past.

In addition, you will find collections handpicked by human curators. Although these will not be customized for you, they show hidden gems and trending titles you should give a shot.

For example, on the Android Play Store, the landing tab is titled "For You" and consists of mobile games you can enjoy. There is also a section called "Editor's Choice", which presents articles such as "5 of the Best Star Wars Games".

The iOS App Store, on the other hand, takes a more back-stage approach to selling you new games, but the result is the same.

2. Try Android Games without installing them

Google has built its own Android app for your mobile gaming needs called the Google Play Games. It acts as a central dashboard where you can track performance across all your games and keep tabs on top plate rankings.

The Google Play Games also features an arcade segment that lets you easily discover new games. Its algorithms take into account your preferences and what your friends have played if you added them to Play Games.

Additionally, thanks to Google's Play Instant technology, you can try out games without installing them yourself. The app basically lets you play some compatible games so you don't end up wasting your data later.

Google Play Games has a few other useful features that make it worthwhile to install even if you don't want to use it to find new mobile games worth playing.

Download: Google Play Games (Free)

3. Watch Mobile Channels on YouTube Channels

  Whatoplay Gaming YouTube Channel

If you think it's a bit inconvenient to hunt for new games manually, look at mobile game focused YouTube channels. Apart from the usual content reviews, most of them regularly publish a list of fresh games you can download. In addition, you can watch the games in action before you decide which installation to use on your phone.

For example, a channel called Gameranx (one of the best YouTube channels for honest video game reviews

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) uploads a new group of free iOS and Android games you can try at the end of each month. Another channel called Whatoplay publishes similar clips as well as special collections for specific genres, such as first-person shooters.

4. Look for new iOS games on TouchArcade

  Discover iOS games on TouchArcade

TouchArcade is an iOS exclusive gaming discovery platform where you can browse hundreds of the latest games without having to dig into the app store. The site catalogs both iPhone and iPad games over a variety of genres.

On the dashboard you are presented with a carousel of the hottest games with their prizes and characters. Clicking on one will take you to a detailed description page, some screens, and the ability to visit the App Store listing. To filter and browse other lists, go to the "Hot Games" tab.

TouchArcade also hosts lots of other games of mobile content such as news, reviews, podcasts and forums for interaction with the rest of the community. Unfortunately, TouchArcade does not offer an Android section when it is written.


5. Bookmark the iOS and Android Gaming Subreddits

  Androidgaming subreddit

Android and iOS both have their own subreddits that are treasure trove of recommendations and deals on all types of apps, including mobile games. They have an active follow up with thousands of subscribers who settle fairly regularly. The topics range from general collections to tips and tricks you can adopt for a better experience.

That's not all. Moderators run weekly or monthly threads to mark new games. For example, AndroidGaming has a "What have you played?" Discussion each week to talk about what members have played on their phones. Visit: Android Gaming Subreddit

Visit: IOS Gaming Subreddit

6. Discover the highest ranked iOS games on Metacritic

  Metacritic iOS section

For people who just want to spend their time playing the highest ranked mobile games, Metacritic is the best bet. The collectors service has an iOS section that indexes the best iPhone and iPad games. Unfortunately, Metacritic does not offer an Android section when it is written.

The ratings are determined by reviews from various critics, including TouchArcade. It also lets you read specific reviews if you want. Furthermore, you can browse genre and read reports on new game releases. As for other platforms, Metacritic gathers the best iOS games in any given month or year as well.

Visit: Metacritics iOS section

7. Get personalized recommendations on GameTree

GameTree is a socially found network that lets you connect with other players. You can use this opportunity to form sessions and play multiplayer games together. The biggest feature, however, is the personal recommendation engine.

When you first sign up for it, GameTree asks you to specify your favorite games and platforms you own. Choose Mobile and then Discover browse new mobile games that GameTree thinks you may want.

You can rank games to improve your preferences and follow users who have a similar taste to you. GameTree is available as an app on iOS, Android and online.

Visit: GameTree

Life is too short to play bad mobile games

Choosing just a handful of mobile games can be tough when you have such a large stock to choose from. But by using these methods you should be able to find new mobile games that are actually worth your time and attention.

Once you find some new mobile games worth playing, we suggest checking out these tips to improve your Android gaming experience

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