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86 percent of teens own an iPhone: Apple

Unless you have any reason to believe that the data from the survey is incorrect, I do not understand what you are complaining about?

This is Apple subreddit. We’re in the midst of all sorts of investigations and controversies surrounding Apple’s potential / alleged monopolistic practices, and we have data showing that they have a virtual monopoly on teens. It is quite important and very relevant for this part.

What value does this provide?

Apple has launched many services. We now know that the vast majority of teens, based on this survey, are iPhone users. Will they start subscribing to these services when they get jobs? What will be their first credit card? Maybe almost 90% of teenagers can register, right in a standard app on their phones?

There are many conversations that can take place around this information. It’s not just saber rattling and cheering for your team. It could have a big impact on Apple’s future.

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