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9 Useful apps to download before the next international trip


Traveling to abroad can be scary and nervous. You do not know the language, you are not sure if your cellular network will work there, and then it's eternal fear of getting lost.

Fortunately for us, smartphone applications can eliminate almost all of these concerns. Here are nine apps you should install before you go on an international trip.

1. Google Maps

Google Maps comes with a variety of travel features

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you can use for a smoother experience. But the one you should definitely not miss is offline navigation. To make sure you can get you no matter what you can, download the map area offline. This allows you to look up attractions, hotels or anything else – even if you lose access to the Internet.

To grab a location offline map, fire the Google Maps app on your phone and search for the location you're on the way to. In the information card you will find an alternative brand Download . Hit it, select the area you want to download and press Download again to save it.

Download: Google Maps for iOS | Android (free)

2. Flyright

Flyright is a practical app telling you all you need to travel to a foreign city, based on your current location. This includes details as if you need a visa, which diseases are common and if you need a vaccine, exchange rate and more.

Additionally, you can save this information at the moment when you do not have access to the internet.

Download: Flyright for iOS | Android (free)

3. Polarsteps

Polarsteps is an app designed for travelers. It is able to automatically track your tours and log them in a visually appealing way. When on a vacation, just add a new entry and Polarsteps will do the rest in the background. You can also manually change these tours and even add photos, descriptions and more.

Polarsteps is also a social platform so you can share these trips with others and make friends to follow your tours. The developer behind Polarsteps also mentions that the app uses only four percent of the phone's battery. This is quite commendable considering that it is always active in the background.

Another important travel aspect like Polarstep's nails is connection. The app can work offline and sync data as soon as you return online.

Download: Polarsteps for iOS | Android (free)

4. Google Translate

You can get around in a new city with Google Maps. But to interfere with the culture, you must be able to interact in the local language. For that, we recommend that you take Google Translate before you begin your trip.

The biggest highlight of having Google Translate in your arsenal is that you can download translations for use without use. Plus, it has a conversation mode that you can easily interact with someone who speaks another language. Translate has a lot of other great features, such as a Phrasebook, where you can bookmark common phrases, image recognition and more.

Download: Google Translate for iOS | Android (free)

5. Coincalc

Coincalc is a fast way for you to convert values ​​in different currencies. The app offers a modern, fair interface without any mess. In addition, you can point to a large calculator widget on the home screen to perform conversations in a jiffy.

Coincalc is even compatible with crypto curves; You can configure more options. But for that and some other tools, you need to upgrade to the premium version.

Download: Coincalc for Android (free, premium version available)

6. TravelSpend

Traveling another country also means a lot of expenses you need to keep track of. The best app to do this is TravelSpend.

Aside from logging all of your purchases and expenses, TravelSpend comes with other useful features. These include the ability to collaborate with other travelers on the same trip as you, specific expense categories, automatic currency conversions and a comprehensive statistics page.

It is also an option to configure your budget and plan your spending accordingly. TravelSpend synchronizes itself with the cloud so if you change phones, you will not lose data. Upgrade to the Pro version gives you access to an ad-free interface, credit card payments and more.

Download: TravelSpend for iOS | Android (free, premium version available)


At some point during the trip, you will probably have extra time to use at an airport. Instead of wasting time on the phone, why not download FLIO and explore the airport?

Through FLIO, you can browse almost every aspect of the airport you are stuck on. Whether it's to find the best coffee bars or to get to the plane's port, FLIO has you covered. You can even buy lounge access right from the app and score some discounts if you are lucky. FLIO can also display the airport timetables and maps.

Download: FLIO for iOS | Android (free)

8. Google Trips

Think of Google Trips as a Versatile Tour Planning Tool

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. The app does everything, from letting you download your orders to help you plan every day during your vacation. In addition to the fact that if you are a Gmail user, Google Trips can exceed all orders and build tours for you to get started automatically.

Additionally, you can share these tours with others and even combine more of them if Google's algorithms could not figure it out.

Download: Google Trips for iOS | Android (free)

9. Rome2rio

Flight is not the ideal means of transport for every trip. Taking a bus or ferry can save money, and in some cases time too. To know which one is best for your special trip, try an app called Rome2rio.

Rome2rio shows all available ways to reach the destination, including driving. The app also tells you how much each method costs and which one is fastest. It also offers combinations so you can mix and match to find the most effective travel route.

Download: Rome2rio for iOS | Android (Free)

More Ways to Get Smarter

With these apps you can go anywhere without worrying about the common obstacles. For more travel assistance, check out the best smart travel routes

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and ways to travel on the cheap.

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