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A closer look at the Apple Watch Series 6 and how you rate it

Vergecast co-host Dieter Bohn has hosted a series of discussions that dive deep into the technical review season every Tuesday, with each episode focusing on a specific product announced this fall.

This week, Dieter talks to Joanna Stern, a senior personal technology columnist Wall Street Journal and The edge alum, about her review of the Apple Watch Series 6.

The great feature of the Series 6 is the addition of an oxygen sensor in the blood. Although Apple calls this feature a “wellness device”

; rather than a medical one and cannot guarantee the accuracy of the meter, Dieter and Joanna discuss whether this recently added sensor is worth upgrading, and how the many variants of the Apple Watch complicate the review process. .

Dieter and Joanna also review both video gadgets, so the two discuss the process of reviewing gadgets on YouTube: the differences between their video reviews and written pieces, how they approach their ideas with a video team, and how working from home has changed their workflow .

You can listen to the entire discussion here or in your favorite podcast player. Also check out last week’s episode with EngadgetCherlynn Low with a focus on Microsoft’s Surface Duo.

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