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A couple of interesting Nuggets from Tim Cook's Tulane Commence Tale

You will usually not make me say anything nice about Toolame. I graduated from Louisiana State University, and Greenie Meanies are usually seen by us as the expensive private school in the south that was once a rival, but now a round. Despite my taster of their athletic programs, I can't ignore Tim Cook and give an initial speech there because there were actually some interesting nuggets worth calling.

First, I must respect Mr. Cook to call out the familiar phrase "If you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life," like a crock. Anyone who loves their job and is leveling with you, tells you the same thing. Even if you love what you do, hard work is still needed to succeed. In Cook's words:

"At Apple I learned it's a total crock. Rather, when you find a job you're passionate about, you'll work hard, but you don't mind doing it. You'll work harder than You ever thought possible, but the tools will feel light in your hands. "Well said by a man who is known to be an incredibly hard worker.

Another bit from Cook's speech is directed more specifically to technology and relates to the latest comments he has made about the need to limit the use and dependence of devices and services.

"Today, some algorithms draw you against the things you already know, think or like, and they push away everything else," he said. "Push back. It shouldn't be that way. But in 2019 your eyes open and look things in a new way, it can be a revolutionary act."

This can be seen solely as a dig on Facebook and he definitely threw a little shade there. Cook has probably given them a hard time over the user's privacy, but truth is told, Apple does some of the same things when comes to using AI and machine learn to show useful information to users. These types of algorithms tend to keep us in a certain comfort zone. While Cook may have directed this more on Facebook and their news feed algorithms these comments also apply to Apple.

Despite Cook's shot at the industry, speak the algorithms about having legitimate value when used in the proper context. I think a better takeaway is to encourage people to look beyond them and remember to think for themselves.

It was more included a little about his generation (and I also suppose mine) to let them down. However, the comments on hard work and thinking are for yourself what really stood out for me. My eldest son has a high school this year, and that's the meat I want to share with him.

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