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A decade of iPhone J.D.

  IPJD banner square small Ten years ago I had lunch with two New Orleans lawyers who had successful blogs – Ernie Svenson from Ernie Attorney and Robert Peyton, who used to publish Appetites, who are now writing about New Orleans food at the Haute Plates – and they encouraged me to start my own blog. They both knew I love technology and I suppose they also knew I like talking and writing. I agreed that I was interested, but at that time there was no topic worth writing about. Around the same time, I bought my first iPhone. After I used it for a few months, I realized that the iPhone was something that really interested me and seemed like a perfect topic for a blog. On November 1

7, 2008, I started iPhone JD with my first post, explaining why I found iPhone a valuable tool in my law practice. We are 10 years later, and I still love using my iPhone in my law practice.

At that time, I had no idea this blog had a future. Back in 2008, there was only a small percentage of lawyers using an iPhone. If a lawyer used a smartphone in 2008, it was most likely to be Blackberry. But it was clear that there was incredible potential. Blackberry and Palm Treo taught us that having a handheld computer that can be used for emails, text messages and applications was a good idea. On July 10, 2008, Apple App Store debuted, which made it easier than ever for developers to create and publish new apps for people to buy them. A few months after the App Store opened – and just a few weeks after I started iPhone JD – Apple published an ad in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal to announce that there were over 10,000 apps available in the App Store. [19659002]   New_1252008_4 "border =" 0 "height =" 561 "src =" https://www.iphonejd.com/iphone_jd/images/2008/12/05/nyt_1252008_4.jpg "title =" Nyt_1252008_4 "width =" 300 "/> </p>
<p>  Out of the 10,000 apps, Apple 16 chose to be in the ad and it is interesting to look back at what Apple considered remarkable ten years ago. There are two news programs (the New York Times and Bloomberg) , three social media apps (Facebook, AIM and Loopt), three games (Sodoku, Asphalt4 and Spore) and two music shakes (Shazam and Remote). It was also a Flight Status, a translate app (Mandarin), a (Bank of America), a Voice Recorder (QuickVoice) and a Buying Item (eBay). Many of these apps no longer exist, and one of the apps – Shazam – is now owned by Apple itself. But the categories chosen by Apple ten years ago, continues to be very popular categories today. </p>
<p>  What was missing? There are many categories of apps that are useful For lawyers who are popular today, but barely existed ten years ago. Most importantly for lawyers are programs that help you get your job done on an iPhone (or iPad) when working with documents. Actually the debut of Microsoft Word for iPad in 2014 (it debuted on iPad in March 2014, and then came to iPhone in November 2014) was undoubtedly the most important application for lawyers in the past ten years. Whether you're a litigator like me or a transaction lawyer, I suspect you're working on Microsoft Word files every day. Although previously used to be third-party applications that could work with Word documents with different degrees of success, the true Microsoft Word on iOS had a great development, which allows you to review, revise and send Word documents using your mobile device wherever you are. Another significant change over the past 10 years was the introduction of apps designed specifically for attorneys. There were some of these programs back in 2008 thanks to developers like Cliff Maier, but not nearly as many as today. </p>
<p>  While the iPhone apps were improved, the iPhone itself has been significantly improved. IPhone X introduced last year was an amazing shot forward in technology with its beautiful OLED edge-to-edge display and incredible speed. This year, iPhone X <small> S </small> and iPhone X <small> R </small> improves this concept. </p><div><script async src=

When Apple first started working on iPhone, the goal was actually to create a tablet computer, but on the way Apple found that an iPhone would be a better first device to introduce. When Apple launched the first iPad in 2010, the opportunity to get the job done with an iOS device increased significantly. The iPhone will always be my first love when it comes to Apple's mobile technology, but the iPad is probably an important part of my work to get the job every day. And with the new third generation iPad Pro 12.9 "we now have the tablet that the iPad always wanted to be.

Add some amazing accessories in the iOS universe – the second generation Apple Pencil, Series 4 Apple Watch, AirPods has never been a better time for a lawyer to use iOS devices. Apple has given us amazing hardware that runs amazing software, all of which can be used in countless ways to increase productivity, not to talk about improving our lives outside of the office. 19659002] Popular posts this year. Every year on the birthday of the iPhone JD (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9) I find it interesting to look back and see which posts The last 12 months were the most popular. The fact that these posts were so popular often give a little light into what has been the mind of people who use an iPhone or iPad. Here, in order, the top ten most viewed posts are published. in the last 12 months:

  1. Review: Apple iP Hone X Leather Case – Slim Case to Protect Your iPhone. I was surprised that this was No. 1 most read post from the past year. With the radical new design of iPhone X, I suppose people would find the best case to keep the device safe. I like the sleek design of the leather case that is sold by Apple, and that's what I'm using with my iPhone X S .
  2. Review: Anker PowerLine + II versus PowerLine + – High quality Nylon USB for power cords. Every iPhone owner can use some good power cords, and these Anker cables are great. They are cheaper than the Apple-selling straps, yet they are of excellent quality, in many ways better than what Apple sells.
  3. Apple anticipates new emoji coming in iOS 12. Lawyers can use iPhones and iPads to get the job done, but when you need to send a quick message to a friend or family member, there's nothing wrong with using something fun or stupid emoji characters to get your point across. Apple previewed the new emoji in July 2018, and were finally available when IOS 12.1 was released October 30, 2018.
  4. IOS update error – press the Home button to try data recovery. I discovered this bizarre error when I backed up my daughter's iPad in January 2018. I guess I was not the only one who could solve this problem because over 10,000 people have read this post so far this year.
  5. The latest on GoodReader version 5. I've used GoodReader to manage and annotate work-related PDFs on my iPad for just about as long as I've had an iPad. But the app has not been updated this year, and while the developer has claimed that a major update will be coming soon (as mentioned in that post), my frustration with the lack of an update caused me to start using Readdle's PDF Expert. If the incredibly delayed update to GoodReader ever comes up, maybe I'm considering going back, but for now I enjoy PDF Expert. The popularity of this post tells me I'm not the only one who wondered if GoodReader will be updated again.
  6. Tips for using 3D Touch, 3D Touch has been a part of iPhone for many years, but I suspect many people still do not use it to their full potential.
  7. Review: CARROT Weather – Excellent weather app, with attitude. It was the snarky attitude that first brought this app to my attention, but I remain a user because it's a wonderful weather app with many great features.
  8. Why lawyers will love iOS 12. IOS 12 was a big update for iPhone and I especially love the new shortcut. iOS 12 was a minor update for iPad, and I hope to see more attention to the iPad in iOS 13.
  9. Hello Siri, read me the news. In early 2018, Apple introduced iOS 11.2.5, which gave the opportunity to ask Siri to read you the news. I use this feature often with CarPlay in my car, and it makes Siri play the latest episode of the NPR News Now podcast, which is updated every hour (so it's always fresh news) and lasts only 3-5 minutes (so you quickly get the highlights).
  10. Presidential Alert arrives tomorrow 3 October. I was in the office when the first presidential election was issued. It was just a test, but you could hear many iPhones call through the halls in my office.

iPhone J.D. Hall of Fame. On the fifth anniversary of the iPhone J.D. I listed the most popular posts for the first five years. Here are the ten most read posts in the ten years with the iPhone JD, the posts that have passed the time trial – or in some cases, were as popular when they were first published that they still have the most pageviews:

  1.  6a010535fde333970c0192ac020274970d " border = "0" class = "active property image at-xid-6a010535fde333970c019b01420714970c img-responsive" src = "https://www.iphonejd.com/.a/6a010535fde333970c019b01420714970c-800wi" iPhone's style is not disturbing. iPhone is great when you want to use it, but sometimes you just want it to be quiet - especially if you're in the iPhone. Court or in a meeting. In this post from 2013, I talked about how the non-interference function worked in iOS 6. That post was incredibly popular at the time and has now been seen over 600,000 times. This is clearly an issue that many people are interested in. Apple must know this too e Apple has improved its feature Do not disturb many times since 2013. </li>
<li>  iPhone t ips: content of email is not displayed. When I encounter problems with iPhone or iPad, and then I find a solution, I often write about it on iPhone J.D. so other people who have the same problem can do a Google search and learn from my experience. Back in 2011, I talked about what to do when clicking on an email, but no content appears. I still encounter this issue from time to time and the solution remains the same: Start the Mail message. </li>
<li>  iPad Tips – Turn off messages if you share iPad. If you are using multiple iOS devices, you can get your messages on all devices, which is very useful. It can also be a problem if you leave one of your devices, such as iPad, home, and it is used by someone else, such as your child. Confidential and personal messages intended for your eyes can suddenly be seen by third parties. This post from 2015 gave some good advice that is still good advice today. </li>
<li>  A look at the iPhone password lock. When I discussed the password lock feature of iOS 3.1 in this 2009 post, password lock was something you had to manually enable. Password is so important for security that Apple now has password enabled by default. Thanks to Face ID and Touch ID, you do not have to go through trouble typing a password every time you try to use iPhone, but this is still a critical step to maintaining the confidentiality of information on the iPhone. </li>
<li>  iPhone "No SIM Card Installed" Message. I discovered this error shortly after I started using an iPhone 4 in 2010. As I mentioned in a follow-up mail, the solution that ended up bringing my original iPhone 4 back to Apple so I could get a new one. This post was the most popular post during the first five years of the iPhone JD, so much that it still appears on the list of ten first years, although there are essentially fewer people now using an iPhone 4. [19659011] Apple See tips: Resolve iPhone by resetting Bluetooth. I loved my first generation Apple Watch, but apparently it was a 1.0 product with issues that might be solved in future updates. This post from 2015 discusses the first problem I've ever had with an Apple Watch and a solution. </li>
<li>  My favorite iPhone shortcuts. Phone J.D. was only a week old when I wrote this post in November 2008. During the first five years of iPhone J.D. it was read well over 100,000 times. And while the record is now ten years old, it continues to get some pageviews. Many of the tips remain as useful today as they were when the iPhone J.D. was in his childhood </li>
<li>  How to view unread emails on an iPhone or iPad. If you get as many emails as me, it feels like you're just reading and managing your emails, their own full-time job. In this 2013 tip, I showed how to see a list of all your unread emails in iOS 7. To do the same in iOS 12, touch the filter button at the bottom left of the screen. </li>
<li>  Review: Apple Lightning for 30-pin Adapters – Use older accessories with the new device. In 2012, Apple replaced the big 30-pin connector on the iPhone with the much better Lynport. While it was a fantastic improvement, it meant that you needed an adapter to get older accessories to work with the new Lightning connector. In this post, I discussed opportunities for doing so. Six years later, Apple has replaced the Lightning connector in iPad Pro with USB-C. I do not know if Apple will ever do it on iPhone, but USB-C has amazing potential on iPad Pro. But again there will be some increasing pain during the transition. </li>
<li>  <img alt=

Visitors to the iPhone JD Every year, I use this post to share some statistical information about iPhone JD visitors, as far as I can figure it out using the tools at my disposal – especially the Google Analytics service.

Over the last 12 months, about 60% of iPhone JD readers used an iOS device. Back in 2010, only 15% of readers used an iOS device, up to 40%. It rose to 60% % in 2015, which has been consistent in recent years Most of the people used an iPhone, but last year almost 20% used an iPad. About a third of iPhone J.D. readers use a computer, with Windows as twice as popular as Mac. About 5% of the iPhone JD readers use an Android device.

Over the past 12 months, around 62% of iPhone JD visitors were in the United States. The most important other countries were United Kingdom (8%), Canada (5%), and Australia (4%). Looking over the last ten years, the results are almost the same. And while they are by far the four best countries, 42 countries have had more than 10,000 residents on the iPhone J.D. at least once in the last ten years. Making better use of an iPhone or iPad is something we all can agree on.

Look at the cities of the iPhone JD readers, New York was # 1 in the last twelve months, as it has been every other year except 2015, when there were a few hundred more visitors from London:

  1.  I -love-new-york "src =" https://www.iphonejd.com/.a/6a010535fde333970c0120a6776fb4970b-120pi "style =" margin New York </li>
<li>  London </li>
<li>  Los Angeles </li>
<li>  Chicago </li>
<li>  Houston </li>
<li>  Dallas </li>
<li>  Atlanta </li>
<li>  </li>
<li>  Sydney </li>
<li>  Washington, DC </li>
<li>  San Francisco </li>
<p>  Last year, the first year was ever that San Francisco was not in the top 10 and it regained its status this year and beat Melbourne down to # 11. [19659002] View all visitors in the past ten years, the results are very similar. The top four places remain New York, London, Los Angeles and Chicago. Sydney was the fifth city in the last ten years rs followed by San Francisco at # 6 and Houston at # 7. Although Melbourne did not make the Top 10 list this year, Melbourne is No. 8 on the top 10 list of always. Washington, D.C. and Dallas rounded out all-time Top 10. The only city of this year's Top 10 list that is not featured in the top 10 list is Atlanta, which is # 13 on the full-time list. I went to college at Emory so I have many good memories from Atlanta and I love to see Atlanta readers here on the iPhone JD </p>
<p>  My hometown New Orleans is # 37 on the full-time list, just under Dublin and Nashville, and just over Columbus and Orlando. </p>
<p>  At the bottom of the list is Center Moriches, NY, where only 14 of the 7,580 residents in this village in Long Island, New York, have visited iPhone JD in the past ten years. To be honest, I'm not entirely sure why this is coming up at the bottom of the over 17,000 cities identified by Google Analytics; Surely there is at least one city in the world where fewer than 14 people have ever visited iPhone J.D.? Maybe Google just stops counting at 14? Either way, although Center Moriches does not really deserve to be the bottom of this list, I think it's fair to say that not many people know about iPhone J.D. in this part of Long Island. If you read this and you practice the law in Center Moriches, NY, let me know and I will send you some MobileCloths with the iPhone JD logo to help spread the word far and far! </p>
<p>  On a more serious note, I can not thank you all enough to read iPhone JD for anyone (or everyone!) The last ten years. So many of you have come to me, either personally, at a conference or via email or a comment on a post. By hearing from you about using an iPhone or iPad in your own law practice, I have learned so much and I have been able to share a lot of advice on this website. This helps us all to do much more with our devices, which makes us better attorneys and enrich our personal lives. </p>
<p>  Ten years from now, will we still use an iPhone and an iPad? And if we are, what advanced features do they want as we could not even imagine today? I can not wait to find out. </p>
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