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A leak may have leaked the first details about Apple’s iPhone 13 – BGR

  • The first iPhone 13 design leak has now come even before Apple’s iPhone 12 launch event takes place.
  • The iPhone 12 will give a new design, but the screen itself is not expected to make any meaningful changes.
  • An insider now says that the iPhone 13 will still have a notch as well, but it will be much shorter than the one on today’s iPhone models and the upcoming iPhone 12.

Apple will unveil the iPhone 12 series on October 13. The company confirmed just as much on Tuesday when it announced a virtual press conference that will be streamed online. The date in mid-October was not a surprise, as several leaks indicated that it would be the case. But while we wait for Apple to confirm the many iPhone 1

2 rumors we’ve seen so far this year, we already have an interesting new iPhone rumor to consider. An insider who usually delivers Samsung leaks, gave us only the first iPhone 13 design leak. And it so happens that the leak makes good sense given what a separate leak said earlier this week.

A report from Korea said that Samsung is testing various technologies that make it possible to place the selfie camera under the screen as soon as next year. However, poor returns will force Samsung to postpone the launch of the under-display camera (UDC) until next fall. The Galaxy S21 will apparently still have a hole screen, just like its predecessors, with the Galaxy Z Fold 3 reportedly getting selfie cam fans under the screen and waiting anxiously.

If true, the report has huge implications for the entire industry. If UDC technology is not mature enough for Samsung to use it in its own flagships Galaxy S and Note, other Samsung Display customers may not want it for their flagships. It so happens that Samsung provides most of the OLED screens that Apple needs for the iPhone, and Samsung’s deal is unlikely to end soon. Apple has looked to other display manufacturers to reduce its reliance on Samsung, but Samsung’s OLED displays are still the best in the business.

Samsung and other manufacturers of Android handsets using the same hole screens can benefit from future UDC OLED screens. But it’s much harder for Apple to replace the notch with a camera under the screen. This is because the notch houses several sensors in addition to the camera, and they are all necessary for the 3D face recognition system that drives Face ID authentication. Face ID has no rival in the industry, especially now that Google has dropped its own 3D face authentication system. Apple is unlikely to follow Google’s lead at any time.

It is rumored that the iPhone 12 has a major redesign, but the makeover does not affect the screen. The four phones have the same notch design as their predecessors, although some rumors claim that it will be marginally smaller than the notch on Apple’s iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone Xs series and iPhone 11 series.

Well-known inside Isunivers has now posted a couple of updates on Twitter and said that the iPhone 13 will also have a notch design, but the frame cut will be shorter than before. He also gave the following drawing:

It is unclear what can help Apple reduce the size of the notch. Maybe the company has figured out how to reduce the size of TrueDepth camera components. Or maybe the speaker system will be placed under the screen, a design that Sony and others have used in the past. But put together, the rumor of the Samsung under-display camera and Ice’s iPhone 13 design leak suggests that we have to wait much longer for phones with selfie cameras under the screen to go mainstream. Although the Galaxy Z Fold 3 does not have UDC technology, the foldable one will probably not be a big seller.

As for the iPhone 12 series, Apple’s four new iPhones are expected to have a metal chassis with flat sides, similar to Apple’s design for iPhone 5 and iPad Pro.

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