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A new take on notes on a Mac

  Agenda Man seems to be enveloped by an ever-growing flood of apptrends that lead us here and across the technology landscape. Social Media Apps? Been there. Done that. Apps for photo enhancement. Have 23 of them. Wait. There's more.

How many ways can you text, talk or look at your friends? Messages, SMS text, FaceTime and Skype, plus, did you know that the iPhone also has a built-in mobile phone? We have more than 1 million apps to choose from and more come every day. Another notable trend towards app gathering is notes. Here's another one.

Notes and Dates

Your Mac, iPhone and iPad have a Notes app called Notes. The Mac has another. It's TextEdit. There are also pages on everything. Why so many ways to write down what we think? Maybe we are a forgetful species and need the cross with notes. Maybe we like to collect apps. If you want a way to capture notes, ideas, thoughts, reminders, or anything else that can be stored in your brain, but not, you can check the Agenda app for Mac. It's like Notes meets calendar. But better. And free. Almost.

This looks well known, right?

 Agenda for Mac

Agenda is not just about notes, but it does what most notes apps do. Agenda takes notes about anything, puts notes as tasks or reminders, but becomes very useful when planning and documenting projects.

If you value organization, you'll see the value in Agenda right away because notes are calendar items that are tied to a timeline. They are easy to find in Agenda's left sidebar, and each patch can be descriptive or task oriented with options to share with others (that's where the free part of Agenda ends; professional level features have a price tag).

 Agenda for Mac

This means that Agenda's notes are date-focused, helping you keep you and your projects organized. Think of Agenda this way. Notes are tasks and tasks. Tasks are what constitute projects. Projects need a timeline.

Do you see? Different but very logical and useful, but with a simple reminder I will draw it below.

Agenda makes notes pretty good. It's like a mini-word processor with lists, styled and formatted text, and what you type can be converted to Markdown and HTML if you need to get your nerds. There are also checklists, and Agenda easily moves between formatted rich text and plain text.

 Agenda for Mac

Agenda allows you to create a project timeline where notes are displayed, but even the projects can be grouped into categories organized as needed. And yes, the whole shebang can be drag and drop. Notes can even collapse to save precious screen property. Search and keywords make it easy to find what you need, even when working with hundreds of notes in a complex timeline. Of course, notes can be shared; projects too.

Agenda is a Mac App Store app, but it's download from the app developer's website. Agenda is free but has some features with a price tag (which makes trial-before-you-buy a great deal).

Caveat? No iOS version for iPhone or iPad. Yet. Agenda is nicely done and a different transfer where note can lead you where tasks meet with projects.

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