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A rant about my mobile Apple Watch and its mobile “capabilities”. : Apple watch

So I’ve had some issues with the S5 since I got it earlier this year, and especially now I’ve installed the new OS beta. And let me start by saying that the inability to stream Spotify was a big disappointment when I got it. The already existing problem was that when I had to leave the house to run (and leave the iPhone behind – the whole point of getting the watch to me), the phone seemed to automatically deactivate, which means I could not do anything. Prior to the new operating system, I could just go into the settings (on the clock) and activate it again, something I do not need to do, but anything.

Now I have installed the new operating system (beta), I went for a run yesterday, as I normally do, I start the playlist when I leave the house and am on my way. About a mile from my house, the music stops. I look at my watch and see a message that says “Cellular is off, just go to your iPhone settings and activate it”

;. As said above, my iPhone is about a mile away in my top floor apartment! I decided to go back and try to solve this as it was the start of a long race and no music is no fun. I then had to search the internet for a solution to find the current setting is not within the mobile settings for the watch, or the music settings for the watch, but actually within the music settings for the iPhone ?? After solving the problem I then drove on, this time I decided to explore a new part of my city. I checked out the route in advance, but did not quite recognize where I was going, so wanted to check the map on the clock. Are you joking with me?????? “Map for mobile turned off, go to iPhone and activate it” …

I have an unlimited alt tariff with O2 in the UK on duty (it is very cheap), and from looking around it seems that most mobile plans are the same. So my question to Apple is: if you buy a mobile watch that can stream music, deliver maps, messages, calls, etc. at an unlimited rate, why would you … on earth disable these features by default? And do you require the iPhone to reactivate them? It seems to contradict the whole point of having a mobile. And why would you disable them automatically when you go without the phone, it should definitely be the opposite (so your watch uses the phone data when you have it with you).

Also let Spotify stream directly to your watch.

Has anyone else had the same problem? I want to hear that it’s not just me.

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