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A right click movement on Chrome OS can change soon

In a given day, how many times I need to right-click any number in dozens. This is especially true now that Chrome OS has downloaded Linux apps support. And yet some people are dissatisfied with one of the ways we can right-click on Chrome OS and Google can change it soon.

Long time macOS is probably too familiar with the idea of ​​using a keyboard key to perform right-click, hold Ctrl when you click to do so. Similarly, when you click on Chrome OS, it keeps a right click.

Unfortunately, however, some web apps, including Google Sheets and Figma, must use Alt + Click to perform specific tasks. With Chrome OS, Alt + Click always turns to a right-click, these web apps were relatively useless on Chrome OS.

Google has been aware of this issue since 201

3 and even tried to fix it back in 2015 by switching total Chrome OS Right-click gesture from using Alt + Click to Search + Click. At that time, many members of the Chrome OS community discovered the bugs with the change and pushed them back.

Google seems to start the Search + Click call again, but they are taking a slower approach, according to a set of desires posted on Chrom Gerrit. Instead of instantly switching everyone over to the new gesture, they do the job behind a new flag.

Enable Right Transfer Transfer

When Alt-Click and Search-Click are enabled, it is remapped to right-click on touch devices and a depreciation alert is displayed when Alt-Click is used.

This is not the first time Google has changed a gesture on Chrome OS. For several years, the shortcut to accessing the Chrome OS Task Manager was Shift + Esc, but in the last year this was changed to Search + Esc.

 Chrome OS Combine Change

The old Shift + Esc Task Manager shortcut still works, but Chrome OS now shows you that you're really going to use the new gesture. After that pattern, the old Alt + Click movement will still succeed with right-click, but you will receive a notification of the change.

Work on the new right-click movement continues, so we're not likely to see it come, even behind the flag, to Chrome OS version 76 or 77.

The other ways to right-click on Chrome OS tofinger tap the touchpad, long press the touch screen, and a traditional right-click mouse will not be affected by these changes.

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