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A Siri Apple Watch Complication would be a great addition

Watch faces for Apple Watch has been a discussion point since watchOS 1 and Series 0 Apple Watch. Apple has expanded the options over the years, and the Siri face is one of the most unique. That being said, I still end up with the Infographic Modular face of the 4 Apple Watch series. When I switched back and forth between watch faces recently, I had the idea of ​​a Siri complication in the modular Apple Watch watchOS 6 face.

Although I have had one of the back / forth relationships with Apple Watch, always have preferred the modular Apple Watch faces. For my use I have always wanted to see the most information in an instant, and modular has always been the best way to do it. With Apple Watch Series 4, Infographic Modular is the best way to stay up to date with the most information at a time.

The Siri face of Apple Watch was added to watchOS 4. It is updated updated to show you relevant content throughout the day. The Siri face draws data from multiple sources, and watchOS 5 adds the third-party app option to include the information to be displayed. I have tried to use the Siri eye from time to time, but I have never been able to hold onto it. I always end up switching back to Infographic Modular. While I was thinking about what I want to see in watchOS 6, I realized that Apple could merge the two faces together.

Why should the Siri face be a stand-alone face? I'm struggling to know what to put in the center track of Infographic Modular when I'm away from work. During the week, I always leave it on my calendar, but it seems like a waste of space this weekend or when I'm done with appointments for the day. Why can't the track get the Siri treatment? Why can't I include four or five complications that Siri can intelligently determine when to rotate?

Only tomorrow can it include the Atlanta Braves score from the previous night. When I go to work (Apple Maps already shows the expected travel time when I get in the car), it can change the center of my calendar. When I'm done with meetings for the day, it can switch to my activity data until I close all my calls.

Do you see where I go with this idea? By replacing only one complication for the "Siri" treatment, I can leave the others (Carrot Weather, Cloudcast, Messaging and Email) as persistent as I always want easy access to the data they provide or the ability to quickly launch the app. Perhaps I get my wish for a Siri Apple Watch complication in the fall with watchOS 6.

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