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A thorough look at the best new Logic Pro X features in 10.4.5-9to5Mac

Apple recently upgraded a flagship music production software update, and we thought it would be appropriate to look into some of the best new Logic Pro X features in 10.4.5. While there may not have been a full-numbered jump of up to 10.5 – which usually indicates a collection of tedious but welcome flaws and performance enhancements, 10.4.5 is significantly more exciting than that. Watch out for all the details.

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On top of some heavy lift upgrades for power users and brand new plugins, 10.4.5 also hides a range of incredibly useful features to maximize workflow efficiency and reduce studio headaches. Now that we've had a chance to use these new features in some shooting sessions over the last few weeks, it's time for a thorough look at some of the best.

Best New Logic Pro X Features: Optimization

When it comes to optimization, everyone talks about the new 1000 track limit. It's cool and everything, but if you're not a professional film composer or an indecisive rock star with 200+ track demos, it's not particularly relevant. However, the new " Only load plug-ins needed for project playback are here for us others. Simply among the best of the new Logic Pro X features in 10.4.5, it will intelligently bypass or disable channel strips in the session that are not necessary for playback. In other words, if there are any traces in the session that are not used – perhaps you have muted them or bypassed / turned off the instrument, etc. – when Logic loads the session, they will automatically take them out of the mix (

This increases it overall performance significantly, allowing users to open projects faster (and close them) and keep your system as responsive as possible.There is also one less thing for content creators and engineers to think about when they work – Logic disables the track automatically while it is completely recoverable on

  Best New Logic Pro X Features - Optimization

If, for whatever reason, you want to introduce the disabled track back to the mix, you just click it and Logic uploads it again. looks like this with one click, automatic switching, loads much faster than say, and pulls the special plug-in on a new track

  Logic - Only Load used

This new setting can be found here: File> Project Settings> General …

You will see a new section with the checkbox " Just load plug-ins needed for project playback". If you don't want Logic to automatically manage your unused tracks, uncheck the box you see there.

As a note to this, " Freeze" a track will now load the plug-ins to release processing power. We also see a smaller but not useful change that was made to the track on / off button. A Quick Option-click on the on / off track button will now load / remove plug-ins on that channel strip. This is again a convenient option for releasing resources and the like if you prefer a more manual solution.

  Best New Logic Pro X Features - MIDI Duplicate Erase

Annoying MIDI Duplicates:

Downloading MIDI shows for virtual instruments is probably one of the most common practices for both new and experienced users. Among the new Logic Pro X features is the new option " Auto-erase Duplicates". In Logic Pro X 10.4.5, duplicate MIDI notes are automatically deleted when you merge MIDI regions (Or record at the top of and join MIDI regions).

Duplicated MIDI notes are one of the annoying pests that have always been part of DAWs. For pros, there is not much concern simply because it is unlikely that they will ever play the same MIDI tag, at the same position and with the same instrument intentionally. However, for new users or the strange slip, Logic will now automatically remove these unwanted duplicates, saving you the trouble of having to manually delete them. In the past, it can be somewhat confusing to remove them manually for new users, as they are sometimes not visible in the Piano Roll window simply because the duplicate is literally hiding behind the other patch.

Duplicated MIDI notes can result in extremely unwanted tones and are generally something to avoid at all costs. This new feature simply removes the headache by having to use the search function and manually destroy the duplicate function ( Piano Roll> Edit> Delete MIDI Events> Duplicates [Option + D]) while eliminating technical issues like new users may not even know they had. Nice.

File> Project Settings> Recording > Auto Erase Duplicates

Bus Transmitter

Along with the new 1000 track number, you can now put 8 million reverbs on each track! Okay, not really, but Apple has added the bus to count to 12. Although it's certainly a little exaggerated for me in most situations, it's a welcome addition. While 3 or 4, or maybe 5, usually do the job in my case, this may be good for designing your own exams, exploratory ambient sounds, handy A / B comparisons for various FX treatments, and much more. Oh, and here's a quick tip to navigate the mixer and your bus sends. Alternative clicks on the bus's send box on a track in the mixer, and Logic will make a kind of pulsating highlight on the corresponding auxiliary track.

  Logic Pro X Auto Scroll

Mixer Auto Scroll

Some of the most useful and practical new Logic Pro X features tend to get lost in the mix when Apple drops these giant update lists. With hundreds of both incredibly small and large changes in the queue, it is easy for someone to slip through the dust cover of the mixing tray. Apple has made some easy changes with "Autoscroll to Selection" to make navigation projects much cleaner. Whichever track you have selected on the main track page will automatically be highlighted and focused when you open the mixer. If this is disabled, the track is highlighted on the mixer, but not necessarily in sight when you open the mixer, and forces the user to scroll horizontally manually over the window. It is a change that makes this work in reverse as well. When you select a collection of channel strips on the mixer, they will now highlight the corresponding tracks on the main track side.

Whether you're a pro using tracks on tracks on tracks, or brand new in Logic's music production environment, this is certainly one of the best new features. This is clearly useful when you have 100+ tracks in a project, but it also makes things much more understandable when a new user can easily follow a track through the various tools / windows in the production environment.

Open the mixer (X button) and make sure the "Autoscroll to Selection" option is checked in the View menu.

Mixer> View (found at the top left of the Mixer window)> Autoscroll to Selection

Best New Logic Pro X Features and Beyond:

Having worked on the new 10.4.5 update in a number of recording sessions over the last few weeks, this is easily some of the best new Logic Pro X features I've come across so far. The all-new De-Esser 2 will be the next new addition we dive in after we get a chance to try it out on a variety of different types of voice in actual recording and mixing sessions. As a small preview I have great success so far, and it skips and borders better than the almost useless previous generation version we have suffered for years.

Apple has now quietly rolled out 10.4.6, but it's mostly the usual repair. Although a particular prominent mix of most technical bug fixes is: " Alternative clicks on an empty EQ thumbnail on a channel stripe now insert a channel EQ into the first plugin post." Though not too remarkable, this can be useful when trying to keep your channel strips organized, as it may slow down the need to manually rearrange the FX chain manually. You can browse the rest of the 10.4.6 changes here .

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