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accountds Running Wild, shows processes and memory

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Hans V writes:

After the problems you and your readers have with the declining stability of MacOSX, I wonder if more of your readers have been bitten by the “accountsd running wild” bug?

It happened twice here and is very annoying. For me, it is not yet clear how to definitely stop it. The best I could think of was a bit of fiddling with some email accounts and hoping it will disappear by the next reboot. I’m very interested in you and your readers experiencing this ugly mistake.

MPG: accountsd is a macOS demo process (demonprosess ?!) required for macOS to work. It has also had problems in the past. Clearly buggy, “hope”

; is not a plan, but seems to be about as good as anything for accounts. Still worth a try:

  • Logging out of iCloud.
  • Restart or log out and log in again.
  • Resets SMC and. Or NVRAM.

Fortunately, I have not seen this problem, but reports online about this problem make it clear that Apple has messed up again. This is a harmful issue because it can seriously impair the usability of a computer, especially a 2-core or 4-core computer – as it continuously consumes CPU time and other resources.

The number of Apple background demon trials has risen in recent years. Many of them are unwanted crapware running, even though the functionality they are designed for is completely disabled. A good example is ‘airportd’ for Apple Airport – which I do not even have. Yet Apple always runs it, and it only resumes if it is killed. There are many such crapware daemon processes that run even when they are never needed.

Ditto for the huge mess of crapware demo processes that Adobe introduces even when nothing is running or has been running for hours or days. Adobe alone sometimes chews the entire gigabyte of memory – does nothing useful. I have reported the problem and responded with details, but the problem remains, as does the total system crash when using Photoshop.

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