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Active 2.0 tapes make the Apple Watch the perfect training partner

Active 2.0 band for Apple Watch

Comfortable, durable, pretty.
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The Apple Watch can be the perfect training partner, but only if it is comfortable to wear even the most strenuous activities. That̵

7;s why Laut designed the extremely comfortable Active 2.0 sports strap.

Made from a bespoke rubber compound designed specifically for active lifestyles, Active 2.0 is lightweight, incredibly durable and feels good no matter what you do. It is also sweat resistant.

Get yours in one of a variety of vibrant color choices for under $ 30. ->

If your current Apple Watch band irritates your skin when you sweat, it probably does no good when you try your best to live a healthy and wholesome lifestyle. It does not have to be this way.

Active 2.0 is tailored for sports and solves many of the problems you will face with other Apple Watch bands while exercising. It even solves some of the problems with Apple’s own Sportsband.

Active 2.0 for Apple Watch is ready to arrive at the gym

Unique materials make Active 2.0 wonderfully soft and flexible so it is a joy to wear all day. It wraps nicely around a wrist without digging into your skin or making you itch.

Active 2.0 band for Apple Watch
Available in four great color choices.
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A machined metal case means that Active 2.0 is less likely to pinch your skin or catch your hair, as Apple’s own Sport band usually does, while stainless steel adapters are included for extra durability.

Finally, Active 2.0 is designed to make it much more attractive – and more interesting – than traditional silicone straps. And it is available in four great color choices.

Get your Active 2.0 band today

Laut’s excellent Active 2.0 tapes can now be ordered from the Cult of Mac Store. You can get yours in either 38 / 40mm or 42 / 44mm size options, both of which are priced at just $ 29.99.

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