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Add-ons for iOS and iPadOS 14 e-books, wallpapers, shortcuts, podcasts and newsletters

Today, Federico published its iOS and iPadOS 14 review. The review comes after a busy month at MacStories where we published Alex Guyot’s amazing watchOS review, covered a long list of new and updated apps on MacStories, and celebrated Club MacStories’ 5th anniversary with over 70 app discounts and gifts.

As busy as it has been though, there is much more to come. In addition to Federico’s comprehensive, thorough iOS and iPadOS 14 review, we have it a bunch of benefits exclusive to Club MacStories members.

Among club-only extras this year are three eBooks, a set of stunning, widget-friendly iPhone wallpapers, advanced shortcuts, podcast episodes and a special edition of MacStories Weekly. Check out all the details after the break. To learn more about the club or sign up to take advantage of all these extras, plus benefits from previous years and our year-round packed newsletter, visit club.macstories.net.

Three ebooks

7;ve always loved the experience of reading Federico’s annual iOS and iPadOS review in the Apple Books app. In the process of helping to get it ready for publication, I end up reading parts of the review, but nothing beats sitting back and taking it in at a leisurely pace from start to finish in Books. We know that club members appreciate reading the e-book version of the review, so this year we have expanded to three exclusive e-books for Club MacStories.

iOS and iPadOS 14: MacStories Review. Of course, the first Federico’s iOS and iPadOS contains 14 reviews. The book is fully interactive with all the photos, videos and links to shortcuts found on MacStories.net.

OS 2020 Preview: Extras by MacStories. The second eBook is a collection of the eight stories we published during the summer as part of our summer preview series, updated to account for changes in the apps and operating systems since its publication. The book, written by Ryan Christoffel, Alex Guyot and myself, includes interviews with developers about their reactions to WWDC, App Clips, Apple’s Fitness and Maps apps, the sleep tracking features of iOS 14 and watchOS 7, privacy developments across all Apple platforms, game control support and Game Center updates, plus Mac Catalyst development.

40 tips for iOS and iPadOS 14. For the first time this year, we have also collected over 40 of the most interesting tips and hidden features from my iOS and iPadOS 14 review and published them as a standalone e-book for Club MacStories members. This book is the best way to discover iOS 14’s most fascinating details quickly.

Together, these three e-books provide a complete and thorough analysis of all the features released with iOS and iPadOS 14 and the upcoming iOS and iPadOS 14.2. There are over 80,000 words of content exclusively for club members.

Also (because we’re asked a lot about this), if you’re reading the eBooks in Apple Books and want to zoom in to take a closer look at some of the screenshots, double-click photos on iOS devices (or double-click your Mac) for to open a full-size version.

All three e-books are available now as free downloads exclusively for Club MacStories members who can access them from the member download page.


Last year, we offered Club MacStories members a set of beautiful wallpapers for the first time. This year we are back with a set of iPhone home screen wallpapers inspired by the popularity of widgets on the iPhone. These wallpapers, created by MacStory’s own Silvia Gatta, are stunning. Two have colorful light and dark diagonal slopes both with and without a dark icon backdrop. There is also a two-tone dark version.

When installing wallpapers, keep in mind that you need to zoom in on the image before saving it as a wallpaper on the Home screen for the center of the wallpaper to be set up correctly.

Like e-books, wallpapers are an exclusive benefit of Club MacStories that members can download now from the member download page.


Fewer new shortcuts were added this year, but that has not stopped Federico from creating brand new shortcuts that you can download from his review, our shortcut archive or from the ebook itself. There are shortcuts to create a reminder with a rich link, extract metadata such as rich links, images and subtasks from any reminder, select a shortcut from the folder in the Shortcuts app and request a trip to your next calendar appointment. Several advanced shortcuts to store items in a grocery list as sub-tasks for a main grocery shopping task, and to create a time-tracking chart widget that updates automatically will be available exclusively to Club MacStories members in a special issue of MacStories Weekly this Saturday, October 17th.


We have two special podcast episodes covering Federico’s iOS and iPadOS 14 review. Simultaneously with the publication of the review, we have released a special episode of AppStories that covers the main themes of the review, including design and iPadOS. You can listen with the built-in player in the review on MacStories, on AppStories.net, or by subscribing to the show. So on Saturday we have a special episode behind the scenes of our Club-exclusive MacStories Unplugged podcast where we look at how iOS and iPadOS 14 are reviewed, including tools and workflows used to write, edit and publish. it.

MacStories Weekly

Finally, we publish one special edition of MacStories Weekly for club members this Saturday, which includes behind-the-scenes looks at how iOS and iPadOS 14 are reviewed by Federico and Brian King along with advanced shortcuts that Federico has created for club members and other fun stories.

This week is the culmination of a lot of hard work from Federico and the MacStories team, and we are happy to share everything we have worked with you. Every year we try to make it extra special for readers of the site and club members who want even more of the coverage iOS, iPadOS, Mac and Watch we are known for. Thanks as always for reading MacStories and a special thank you to our club members who help us continue to do what we love. Enjoy!

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