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Adidas FUTURECRAFT.STRUNG Running Shoes Prototype mixes robotics with art – Review Geek

Adidas Futurecraft.  Prototype for running shoes

Adidas has been working for years to revolutionize the performance of footwear for athletes and to get the most out of the materials. Now the new FUTURECRAFT.STRUNG shoe has a computer-driven design that resulted in a light and minimal shoe for short runners.

In recent years, Adidas has done nothing but shy away from creative approaches to making shoes. We have seen its 4D midsole, which puts the spotlight on 3D printing, together with the Loop shoe, which is made of materials that were 1

00% recyclable. And now the latest proof of the concept model is STRUNG with an almost zero production process for waste and a smarter, lighter and more responsive fit.

The upper part of STRUNG is woven by a robot, using threads with different colors and levels of flexibility to create a precise fit. Stronger red threads are used around the heel, midfoot and toe box to provide support to prevent the foot from slipping, while the leading edge uses a softer and more flexible and yellow thread. The shoe’s design with reduced material has an additive production process that produces almost zero waste production, which means that it is built from scratch without excess fabric, seams, glue or other components applied.

Close-up of Adidas' Futurecraft.Strung running shoe prototype

Adidas’ new manufacturing process wraps these individual threads over the midsole in such a way that support and strength are created without add unnecessary weight. In fact, the STRUNG prototype currently weighs only 7.7 grams (220 grams). The shoe has a minimized heel designed to reduce weight and a rubber outsole shaped specifically for runners to easily find a better grip during fast runs.

Strung is still just a running shoe prototype and is not yet available for purchase. Adidas looks to consider creating a series of shoes aimed at different types of athletes, which will be specially designed to support the feet exactly as their sport requires, and perhaps we will see the first consumer-ready shoes in 2021.

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