Today on World Emoji Day, Adobe has shared the results of the latest survey of 1000 US emoji users:

Among the emoji users surveyed, overwhelming majority use emoji to ease the mood of conversations (93%) and show support for people (91%). The tuned with this finding is the emoji user's top three favorite moons ier (# 1), ❤️ (# 2), 😘 (# 3). Interestingly, a majority (81%) of emoji users believe that people using emoji are friendlier and more approximate.

The study included participants aged 16-73 who use emoji at least once a week. The full report is interesting to explore as it shows the favorite emoji of the user's sex and the region of the United States they live in. Over all occasional demographics, the ridiculous emoji was mostly used, but the differences in runner-ups are well worth checking out.

Yesterday, Apple got a start on World Emoji Day by sharing a preview of its new emoji coming in iOS 1

3 this fall. Although there are no obvious standouts that seem destined to achieve a high level of use, my personal favorites have hitherto been the sloth and rendering face.