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Adventure game The Survivalists arrives at Apple Arcade

You are stuck on a tropical island and have to build a life. In addition to a solo mode, you can also play with up to three friends.

To help you survive, you can tame and train monkeys on the island to help with daily tasks or even help with raids. Managing the furry friends is an important survival party.

Another big part of the success is getting the most out of all the island’s resources. And if you are looking for even more adventure, you can explore the mazes around the island to plunder. But be prepared for some surprises.

You can try Apple Arcade with a free one month trial. After that, it’s $ 4.99 per month.

A subscription can be shared with up to six other family members with Family Sharing.

To subscribe to iPhone or iPad, open the App Store tab and then select the Arcade tab.

Select the Try it free button at the top of the page

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