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AirPods 2 (2019) preview | iMore

Top earrings with the cords cut off and the bars and studs full of sensors and custom silicon, they looked goofy, they cost more than you found in dollar stores, and they took longer than expected to hit the market. 19659002] But when they finally did, and people got a taste of the freedom that came from no longer having strings to keep them down, we left the usual self-proclaimed techsperts who had fun on them to AirPods to be heralded as one of The best products come from Apple this year.

It was 2016 though. So, what can we expect from AirPods in 201


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17. February 2019: AirPods 2, which again became rumored for the first half of this year

Kuo Ming-Chi is about to clean its forecasts in early 2019 and AirPods is on the list. Nothing new or different, just comfortably more of the same. Via MacRumors:

Apple's long-awaited AirPower wireless charger mat and a new version of AirPods with wireless charging support and upgraded Bluetooth connectivity will start shipping in the first half of 2019, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

Get closer …

16. February 2019: AirPods 2 can come soon … in texture black!

Another day, another rumor about the next generation of AirPods entering the production.

From Taiwan's Economic Daily: 19659007] In terms of design, compared to the previous generation of wireless Bluetooth headsets, the new AirPodes will adopt a new surface coating design, and the charging box will use the same technology to maintain the integration of the two. In addition, the new AirPods will also add black for consumers to choose, so the headset is available in both black and white.

Can Product RED be far behind?

12. February 2019: AirPods 2 may come once in March … maybe

Schrödinger AirPod's rumors today let us both expect and don't expect AirPods 2 as soon as next month. Or this fall. It is obviously complicated.

From iPhoneHellas.gr:

On the exclusive information we received from a trusted source through Apple's production chain in China, the upgraded Airpods 2, AirPower and the new iPad (2019) will be available from Friday 29 March!

If Apple holds a spring event the week of March 26, the orders can surely start March 29. But let's just wait for the invitations first.

So, maybe, let's just wait until the incident first also [19659008] 11. February 2019: AirPods 2 can come in texture black – wait, what?

From MySmartPrice:

According to our source, Apple AirPods 2 will look much like the current AirPods from the outside. However, Apple has made some changes inside to provide more impressive bass response. For better grip, the upcoming wireless earphones can come up with a new coating on top, similar to what Google uses for their Pixel smartphones.

As some previous leaks had claimed, AirPods 2 will include several sensors compared to its predecessor. Some rumors suggest that these new sensors on AirPods 2 will be used for the new health modes, including heart rate monitoring. When it comes to battery life, AirPods will probably be more or less similar to the original AirPods, as the battery size is said to be identical. Apple will offer AirPods 2 in two colors: Black and White. While the original AirPods were launched at $ 159 in the US, AirPods 2 is expected to be priced around $ 200 (INR 14,250).

I want to love AirPods in black, although there are deviations from Apple's usual use of white and white, because it becomes an iconic "strategy we have seen since the first days of iPods.

January 24, 2019: AirPods 2 & # 39; Hey, Siri & # 39; set up hidden in iOS 12.2 beta

Gui Rambo has a way to find something and everything hidden in Apple's grazing, today includes the "Hey, Siri" setup screens in iOS 12.2 beta 1.

From 9to5Mac:

One of these changes, currently hidden from public display, is the addition of a new installation screen used when configuring AirPods, this new setup image clearly states that the user will be able to talk to Siri with AirPods or iPhone by saying "Hi, Siri."

If Apple has already expanded the software, the hardware should not be too far behind.

January 23, 2019: AirPods 2, with full sensors, rumored to come soon

From Randomly Accurate Digitimes:

Regarding Tr DLOS headphones, Apple is set to publisher AirPods 2 again in the first half of 2019, and the new wireless earbuds with discrete design to carry health monitoring features are expected to receive enthusiastic market response.

If AirPods becomes the new Apple Watch, what will Apple Watch become?

AirPods 2: Rumors

Back on September 9, 2017, just a year after the introduction of the first AirPods, Steve Troughton-Smith tweeted a picture he found in a leaked version of the goldsmith iOS 11.

They looked almost exactly the same, except one Small but important detail: The LED light was on the outside. It didn't make much sense then, but it would in just a few days …

At the incident in September 2017, Apple not only announced inductive charging for the then new iPhone 8 and iPhone X, but also for AirPower – see my previous video, linked in the description below – and AirPods with a new case with … wait for it … the light moved to the outside.

Apple did not say if new AirPods would come with the new inductive charging case, but said the case would be available separately for existing AirPod owners who wanted to upgrade.

MacRumors cites "information allegedly taken from Apple Switzerland" suggested we would see the new charge case in December, and it would cost $ 69. December 19 rolled around without new AirPods in sight. Then, Kuo Ming-Chi, (via MacRumors, he of the supply chain exfiltration fame, added rumors of new AirPods, not just the new case.

upgraded AirPods in 2H18

Kuo said an internal change on the second-generation AirPods will include a "smaller quartz component", but he provided no further details on new outward-facing features or improvements to be expected.

Mark Gurman, writes for Bloomberg February 22, 2018:

The model coming as early as this year , let people call Apple's Siri digital assistant without physically tapping the headphones by saying "Hey Siri." The feature will work the same way a user activates Siri on an iPhone or a HomePod speaker hands-free headset, internally known as B288 , will include an upgraded Apple-designed wireless chip to manage Bluetooth connections.The first AirPodes include a chip known as W1, and Apple released W2 with Apple Watch last year.

E A subsequent model for Earl Y, which next year is scheduled to be waterproof, they added and asked not to be identified to discuss private product plans.

The idea for the water-supported model is that the headphones should survive splashes of water and rain, the people said.

Gurman and Bloomberg returned to AirPods on June 26:

The Cupertino, California-based firm is working on new AirPods with noise interruptions and water resistance, the people said. Apple is trying to increase the scope for AirPods to work away from an iPhone or iPad, one person said. You won't swim in them though: The water resistance is mainly to protect against rain and sweat, the people said.

The company has also internally discussed adding biometric sensors to future AirPods, such as a heart rate monitor, to expand its health-related hardware offerings beyond Apple Watch, another person said. The current AirPods will be updated later this year with a new chip and support for hands-free Siri activation, Bloomberg News reported.

Gurman also added rumors about an extended product line:

There are over-earphones from Apple too. They will compete with expensive models from Bose Corp and Sennheiser. They want to use Apple branding and be a higher-end alternative to the company's Beats line. Apple intended to introduce the headphones by the end of 2018, but has faced development challenges, and is now targeting a launch as early as next year, the people said.

In September 2018, almost everyone who expected expected inductive charge cases at least, if not updated, AirPods, appeared to appear on Apple's annual iPhone event.

Ming-Chi Kuo, via MacRumors:

Kuo still expects Apple's long-awaited AirPower charging food and new AirPods to be released by the end of the year.

But of course it was not.

Kuo Ming-Chi on December 2, via MacRumors:

We attribute AirPods & # 39; dramatic growth (14-16mn, 26-28mn, 50-55mn, 70-80mn and 100-110mn units in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021, respect ively) to 1) the upgraded model with wireless charging support in favor of shipments for launch in 1Q19, 2) the all-new design model to increase the replacement needs to launch in 1Q20, 3) an innovative user experience, and 4) high integration with iOS and Mac products. In summary, AirPods Apple's most popular accessory ever, and currently has the best growth momentum among Apple's products.

And again on December 5, also via MacRumors

We believe that AirPods is more than just earplugs for Apple and will become increasingly important in Apple's ecosystem for the following reasons. (1) They increase the cost of switching users to Android from the iOS ecosystem. (2) This is an important unit for voice assistant / AI services because it can easily activate the voice assistant. (3) The ear is a perfect emotional area for discovering various health data. It can be integrated with Apple Watch to provide better health management in the future.

Also on December 5, MySmartPrice discovered updated AirPods model numbers in the Bluetooth database:

The upcoming wireless earphones have already received Bluetooth SIG certification, confirming that they will support Bluetooth version 5.0. Furthermore, they are expected to offer several biometric "Wellness" features as well. It is also expected that the earphones will provide hands-free access to Siri.

AirPods 2: The Potential

Beyond the inductive charging house that Apple has already announced and we will probably see once in the New Year, there are a few features that really stand out in making AirPods really next genes.

Fluid penetration protection, which is usually simplified to water resistance, but in this case really needs to cover everything from rain to sweat, would not only prevent AirPods from being damaged due to weather, but because of all the hardcore workouts they are often set through every day. They don't often kill AirPods, but will over time.

Several sophisticated controls are also high on many people's lists. Apple has already added various options for the accelerometer on existing AirPods, allowing you to share the controls so you drain an AirPod can do nothing but hit the other.

You can't control the volume yet. But if Apple was able to add a capacitive layer to the perimeter, similar to what was just added to Apple Pencil 2 to switch tools, you might be able to swipe up to increase and swipe down to reduce volume, and that would be a minor reason to reach your watch or iPhone anymore.

The ability to fit multiple and varied ears has also come up frequently. Although Jony Ive and his team found a way to look the most, most of the time, it still leaves some people. And in the range of Apple products, even a small percentage translates to a lot.

My own ears have been missing out on a decade of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, so while the left fit perfectly, the right one is always a little looser. I don't know if Apple could adjust the shape or material to get an even wider range of people, or whether it could come in or offer an in-ear option for those who really need it, but something. Because AirPods really should be for everyone.

The accessibility benefits alone, from the guided tour to the full on sound-enhanced reality, will be the demand soon. Especially if AirPods comes into computational 3D sound, then sound can be placed in the room, both for worldly things like directions and walks and spectacular things like games and entertainment.

Of course, colors. Especially at the age of the iPhone XR where blue, red, yellow and coral are the new black. Apple seems to think white is iconic in terms of audio accessories, all the way back to the original iPod, but as some caretakers will tell you, we are now living in the age of technology-like fashion and white isn & # 39; t always going to be right, certainly not for everyone and certainly not all the time.

Perhaps higher-end AirPods in silver and space gray, and new AirPods at the input level in all XR colors?

Unmanaged Hi-Fi You must always be careful about small batteries and always-on features, but moving the trigger word from the iPhone A series to the AirPods W series will probably increase performance enough to guarantee it.

Over time, the connection to Siri servers may also move. That way, like Apple Watch, when AirPods anytime a Wi-Fi network like they already know through the iPhone, they can just send the query immediately. Of course, this type of connection also opens AirPods up to Apple Music, Podcasts and Audio Books streaming, such as Apple Watch.

The batteries are much smaller, so the feature will probably take longer, but as much as the Apple Watch has been called the next generation iPod, AirPods is actually the best fit for that role.

Basically, near-field versions of verified HomePod are. Tiny computational audio buds for your ears.

AirPods 2: To continue …

Apple sold the original AirPods for as close as the cost it could by introduction, giving up its traditional high margins to help popularize the technology.

"What? They were too stupidly expensive!" I can already imagine many of you raging into the comments. Well no. The W1 chip, the sensors, and just getting so much tech into such a small package was "too stupid animals".

Therefore, I believe that a number of AirPods from the input level to the higher end will make sense, including new over-the-ear headphones Apple is also rumored to work with, and I'm not quite sure, will be sold where as preferably nearby.

But that's the topic of another day …

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