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AirPods Pro is at the lowest price ever: Save $ 50

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TL; DR: As of September 14, the Apple AirPods Pro is $ 50 off $ 199 – their lowest price ever.

This is not an exercise: Apple’s AirPods Pro is on sale for less than $ 200 for the first time ever. Normally, the wireless earbuds will run you $ 249, but as of September 14, you can catch them for just $ 199 – for those of you who don’t want to do mental math, the whole thing is $ 50 off.

The pros were already pretty close to the previous lowest price ever, but this new price drop is seriously worth sticking over. If you have opted out of switching to AirPods Pro because of the price compared to standard AirPods, we seriously suggest that you bite the bullet and buy them now. You will not regret.

AirPods Pro steps it up from the OGs by having a lower profile, snug fit and – of course – noise reduction. You won’t find these features in many truly wireless earbuds, so AirPods Pro is really what they are all about.

In addition to active noise reduction, the pros also have a transparency mode that lets in external sounds to keep you aware of your surroundings. There is also a setting to not have any of these modes on and just enjoy normal headphone listening.

The controls are a little different than regular AirPods: you squeeze the trunk instead of tapping the knob, but they are easy to get hold of. We are not lying when we say that these earplugs are worth the splurge, and you should definitely tackle them while they are at this record low price.

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This is the lowest price we have ever seen on AirPods Pro

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