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AirPods Pro is on sale for less than $ 220 on Amazon and Verizon

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TL; DR: AirPods Pro is down to $ 219.98 and $ 219.99 on Amazon and Verizon, respectively – just $ 0.05 off the lowest price ever on Amazon.

After Apple allegedly scrapped a conference in March 2020 (and the announcement of the iPhone 9 that was predicted to come with it) due to coronavirus, we finally have dates for the fall: The virtual event will take place on September 15 at. 10 PT / 13.00 ET.

Aside from the fact that it will not be a live audience, it is rumored that the iPhone 9 or 12 may also reveal shortcomings. (It looks like October for that.) Instead, it is expected that Apple will focus on the sequel to the Apple Watch Series 5 and a new iPad Pro.

New AirPods are mentioned much less often. A new pair, apparently called AirPods Studio, may be scheduled for a 2020 release, but no one knows if that means the September event. Unless you want to upgrade from AirPods Pro and is down to drop the rumored $ 349 on a new pair (also rumored) earplugs, AirPods Pro is still good and still the best option. Regular retailing at $ 249, going with AirPods Pro will already save you $ 100 compared to Studio – but sales at Amazon and Verizon can add an extra $ 29-ish to your savings on top of that. (Verizon says the discount is $ 30, but that’s because the original listing price is $ 249.99 instead of $ 249 as on Amazon and Apple’s website.)

At the moment, AirPods Pro is Apple’s only headphones with active noise-canceling technology – and as one of the few noise-canceling truly wireless earbuds on the market at all, they are hard to beat. It’s not the exact kind of silence you get with a Sony or Bose pair that completely covers your ear, but to block the distractions that come with working or learning from home, it’s euphoric. The “active” part of noise reduction means that each AirPod continuously adapts – 200 times per second – based on the environment to set the ambient noise in that environment.

The Pro charging case is larger and more of a horizontal rectangle than the standard AirPods’ square. It can be charged wirelessly and is said to provide an additional 18 to 24 hours of battery life.

Take AirPods Pro on sale at almost the lowest price ever

Take AirPods Pro on sale at almost the lowest price ever

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