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All four of Apple’s new iPhone 12 models were just leaked by a caseworker – BGR

  • iPhone 12 cases are already on sale before the official announcement from Apple.
  • The brand for smartphone equipment Totallee has started selling cases for iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, which are expected to be revealed next week.
  • Apple has confirmed that its next event from Apple Park will be streamed on October 13.

On Tuesday, October 13, Apple will finally unveil its iPhone models for 2020. Traditionally, Apple would not only have announced a new flagship phone at this time during the year, but these phones should already be shipped to customers. Of course, 2020 is not a traditional year, and Apple confirmed months ago that the iPhone 1

2 would not be ready by the end of September. But even though we finally have an official date for the iPhone 12 event, the phones are still leaking, and on Thursday a Reddit user discovered a number of issues that seem to be destroying all four new models.

Smartphone equipment retailer Totallee recently began selling cases for the iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. Numerous leaks have indicated that Apple plans to launch four 5G iPhone models this fall, and although it is known that caseworkers occasionally skip the gun, the company is clearly comfortable with the data they have received, as you can buy some of the cases and have them sent to you right now.

iPhone 12 cases
iPhone 12 cases for sale on Totallee’s website. Image source: Totallee

Totallee does not state the dimensions of the phone, but promises a “perfect fit” for each of the cases. According to previous leaks, the sizes of the four models should be as follows: 5.4-inch iPhone 12 mini, 6.1-inch iPhone 12, 6.1-inch iPhone 12 Pro and 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max. Other than the size of the screens, the most obvious difference between the standard models and the Pro models will be the number of cameras. As you can see from mockups on Totallee’s website, the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 will each have dual rear cameras, while the Pro and Pro Max models have triple rear cameras. This has also been supported by many leaks and reports.

Meanwhile, a far more extensive leak appeared this week as well, claiming that the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 will be available in stores on October 23, but we have to wait until November 13 on the iPhone 12 Pro and November 20 on the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Rumors of a staggered launch have been circulating for several months, and everyone with sources close to the company agrees that all four models will not start together.

We would not be shocked if any more leaks appeared in the next few days, but there is not much time left for them, as Apple plans to unveil the iPhone 12 at its next major event on October 13 at. 10 PT / 13.00 ET. We cover all the announcements when they happen, and we will point you to the livestream on Tuesday.

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