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All new original shows in the App Store

There are many issues with this app that can be solved, but perhaps not so easily. For starters, it does not support monitoring. If they had launched with more episodes, they would probably have a lot more users, but right now not many people use the app. And it’s not because the content is not good, or because their advertising missed the mark, it’s because nothing on this platform makes people want to download the app and see what it̵

7;s about. The upgrade of Punk’d with Chance the Rapper is trying to get attention from Gen Z and other young people, but they failed to realize that none of these people even know what Punk’d is, and do not care when they can actually have fun , not staged content on apps like Tik Tok. If Quibi wants to succeed, they have to release the best possible show in its entirety to give people something to talk about. All shows are incomplete and fine, but they do not end for another 90 days because episodes are released in 5-minute batches. Normal shows give out 30-60 minutes of episodes per week, but Quibi makes users wait for a horrible time – their launch. They need to get people talking!

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