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All the new CarPlay features

While it may not seem like it, CarPlay in iOS 13 is a big leap forward when it comes to the user experience. Dark mode now matches the iOS 13 interface, there's a new Light mode to boot, and the new dashboard gives you control of maps and music all on one screen. In addition, screen addiction is finally here. Here are all the new CarPlay features for iPhone in iOS 1

3 you should know about.

CarPlay on iOS 13: All The New Features

1. New design on the dashboard

The changes are evident the moment you connect the iPhone to your car. When CarPlay starts up, you now see a dashboard user interface. And it will be in the new dark mode. The dashboard view shows maps on one side and three different widgets on the other.

The first widget is for Apple Maps. You will see shortcuts to your frequent locations here. As you navigate, you will see directions here. The middle widget is for Now playing. You will see the album artwork for the currently playing media and Play / Pause and Skip buttons. You can tap it to open the Now Playing app.

The latest widget is for Siri Suggestions. This will depend heavily on your usage. You can find suggestions for launching apps, launching Siri shortcuts and more here. In the sidebar you will find the three recently used apps.

2. How to switch to displaying old icons

In the dashboard overview, the old Home button is gone. It has now been replaced by a new icon showing the current home screen. You can tap it to return to the old icon view. Oddly enough, the button still behaves like the Home button when in an app. Tap it to return to the home. Press it again to change the Home screen.

You can also swipe left / right on the Dashboard to switch to the old view.

3. New iPhone control screen in Settings

If you go to Settings -> General -> CarPlay you will find a new Customize option. Previously, you had a virtual screen for CarPlay view that you tap to change app orders or remove them. When you tap Customize, you will see a list of all available apps. Touch the “-” (minus) icon to remove an app from CarPlay. To organize an app, tap and drag the icon on the board.

4. Updated settings

The CarPlay settings screen has also been updated.

Do Not Disturb While Driving : You can now set up this feature directly from CarPlay. It can be set up to automatically connect Do Not Disturb during run mode when connecting to CarPlay.

Auto Dark Mode : Press the look button and you can switch between the Auto and Always Dark option. The Automatic option will switch between the new light and dark mode based on the time of day and the ambient light in your car or environment.

But this does not always work reliably. It is best to use the option Always Dark . The new Dark Mode theme in iOS 13 makes good use of muted colors and solid backgrounds. It is much better for the eyes. The new light mode can actually be a little too bright unless you're in a very sunny area.

Turn off Siri suggestions : You can also find the switch to turn off Siri suggestions here. Tap it and the widget in the dashboard that shows Siri suggestions will disappear.

View album art : Press the toggle button to enable / disable album art for the widget currently playing in the dashboard.

5. New Light Mode

iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 get a new dark mode. And CarPlay gets a new light mode.

6. New Siri View Over The Screen

Siri no longer takes over the entire screen when you use it. It now shows a slightly translucent layer on top of what you see. It works very well and we hope this feature comes to iPhone and iPad soon.

7. Screen Independence

CarPlay for iPhone finally has screen dependency. Previously, if the passenger brought your iPhone and opened an app that was not available on CarPlay, it would throw you directly to the icons on the home screen. This will interfere with the navigation view. Now, in iOS 13, CarPlay has screen addiction. So this is no longer happening.

You can open and use any app on iPhone without affecting what's on the iPhone screen. Now a friend can take your iPhone and browse songs on the music app as you continue to navigate CarPlay using Maps or any other app.

8. New Calendar App

CarPlay in iOS 13 has added a new app – Calendar. It's a very simplified app. All you can see are today's events. That's it.

9. New Maps UI

Just like iOS 13, the Maps app in CarPlay sees a major upgrade. All the new features from the Maps app are here. When you open the Maps app, you'll see shortcuts to your favorite places at the top. You can even browse your collections here.

You can search for locations or go to a previous destination. Touch a location to open detailed view. From here you can choose a different route and start navigation.

During navigation, you will see a new option called Del ETA. You can quickly share ETA with a contact in Messaging. You can continue to monitor ETA after this as well.

10. New Messages View

The Messages app now opens for a list of your recent conversations. When you tap a call, Siri will start reading the last message for you. Then you can answer it using your voice. That part has not changed.

11. Hi Siri and always on Siri

Another big change in CarPlay? Hey Siri is now working directly on CarPlay UI. In addition, there is always support for Always On Siri. This is a change in the behavior of Siri. In the past, you had to wait a second or two after pressing the Mic button on the car steering to call Siri. Now you can start talking as soon as you press the button because Siri is always on in the background.

It will retrieve your command as soon as you press the button. This reduced the backlog and frustration of using Siri through your car interface.

Your Favorite iOS 13 Features?

Have you looked at our complete iOS 13 feature list yet? What are some of your favorite features in iOS 13? Is Dark mode your favorite? Or Safari Download Manager? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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