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AltStore version 1.4 now available with AltDaemon support and countless enhancements

Just yesterday, AltStore lead developer Riley Testut released AltDaemon, a new jailbroken handset package that lets you install, update and update side-loaded apps without having to connect the end user to a Mac or Windows PC. AltDaemon is essentially a future-proof alternative to the popular ReProvision.

While yesterday’s AltDaemon release was praised by jailbreakers from all walks of life, it was just a warning – it necessitated AltStore version 1.4, which at the time was not yet available to the public. Fortunately, that changed on Wednesday night …

AltStore users are now advised to launch the application on Mac or Windows PC and check for updates, and when they do, version 1.4 should be easily accessible to install. Not only does this update support AltDaemon, but it also adds other enhancements. On the Mac side of things, for example, this update provides support for MacOS Big Sur and Apple Silicon Macs as well as improved support for iOS and iPadOS 14.

As for what this means for iPhone and iPad users, the official AltStore Twitter account sums it up nicely:

In short, the highlights of today’s update for iOS and iPadOS include:

  • Support for home screen modules that appear when apps expire
  • Update apps in the background with Siri and Shortcuts, either manually or with automations
  • Full support for yesterday’s AltDaemon release
  • Newly developed VoiceOver accessibility support
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements

Of course, the update is recommended for all users – especially if you plan to take advantage of AltDaemon to maintain side-loaded apps without relying on a computer all the time. This is especially important for jailbreakers who use semi-unbound jailbreak tools such as Chimera, Odyssey or unc0ver to name a few.

There is a lot to benefit from in this update, whether you jailbreak or not. If you are jailbroken, this is probably the best way to take advantage of your page-loadable jailbreak app. For non-jailbreakers, AltStore is still a great way to sideload non-App Store apps, including but not limited to emulator applications.

Have you updated to the new AltStore version 1.4 yet? Let us know in the comments section below.

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