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Amazon offers great deals on iPads and Magic Trackpad 2 today

Today it is a good day to pick up an iPad Pro if the price has previously scared you away, as Amazon is currently selling the previous generation of Apple's beloved 10.5-inch tablet for up to $ 200. rare deal on Magic Trackpad 2. It's the lowest price we've seen the device listed for on Amazon to date.

But first, 10.5-inch iPad Pro. The best deal here is easy for the gold 512GB model with Wi-Fi for $ 799, which is a full $ 200 down from the normal price of $ 1000. Hope you like gold though. If you don't, you can also find some smaller discounts on the other models as well:

Other models are also on sale, such as 256GB 10.5-inch Wi-Fi model for $ 649.99, down from the regular $ 799 price. 2. Switch to the online store today and you can buy it for just $ 99, down $ 30 from the normal retail price of $ 1

29. Again, it's the lowest price we've ever seen it listed on Amazon and it beats Absolutely all the other great outlets I checked out.

Magic Trackpad 2 is an interesting device. I thought I'd hate it because I'm not really a fan of using trackpads on MacBooks, but I find that using a Magic Trackpad feels far more comfortable when it is to the right of the keyboard. For general work I sometimes think I prefer it to a regular mouse. I absolutely love the way Apple so deeply integrated the trackpad enters into macOS. When you master them, you can even think that a mouse is holding you back.

Nevertheless, it is not for everyone and the normal retail price is too steep for me to tell you "try it and see if you like it." With a price just under $ 100, it should be a little easier to Take it popped.

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