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Amazon sells the new AirPods for a big discount

It was a time when only AirPods was available on Amazon, counting as a reason to announce a "deal," as they almost always sold out within hours. Today, it's actually a deal, and a good one, in it. Amazon sells the current generation AirPods for only $ 139.99, down $ 19.01 from the normal $ 159 sale price. Well, it's "only" $ 20, but that's a big part of AirPod's standards.

I would act quickly, but it is not likely that they will be around for too long at this price. This model does not come with the new wireless charging case, but you can purchase it separately for $ 1

0 for $ 69.99 (down from $ 79.99). I would not recommend buying this case in addition to for the device that is for sale (because you didn't want to save money), but picking up one can be a good idea if you have the first generation AirPods and want a new charge case.

Remember that these aren't really "AirPods 2" – it's just the second generation of AirPods we already love. The enhancements include faster pairing, better battery life and hands-free support for "Hi, Siri", which means that one of the custom button cranes is now available. Other than that, the sound quality and the construction design are the same. Again, if you want the wireless charge case with this deal, you need to purchase it separately.

If you have an older pair of AirPods and they still have good battery life, I see no reason to upgrade. If these will be your first AirPods, though, by all means, hop on this deal.

For more information, check out our review earlier this month. As a reviewer, Jason Cross said at the time:

"If you already own a pair of AirPods, you probably should not upgrade to the latest model. The improvements in speed and latency are not game exchangers, and the ability to use Siri hands-free while it is useful, is not worth the price alone. Those who make many long phone calls will love how much the battery lasts longer, but everyone else will notice no real difference in their lifetime. If you haven't bought AirPods yet, make the improvements in this other yet, we can't help but wait for a true successor to Apple's near ubiquitous wireless headphones. "

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