"About five years ago, Page Weil needed to earn some extra money to support his wife go to nursing and help pay for the costly surgery she needed. He turned to Amazon's marketplace for help," writes Ben Fox Rubin for CNET. "He began to note used electronics through the website, finding specific sales success, used and refurbished Apple products, including outdated keypads and iMac desktops. Over the past year, he sold about $ 300,000 of most Apple products on Amazon, for an after-tax profit of about $ 40,000. "

"Weil is now among a group of Apple sellers on Amazon who are about to see their business wipe up. Amazon this month signed an agreement with Apple that will allow it to directly sell many more Apple's new devices, including iPhone XS, iPhone XR and iPad Pro, writes Rubin. "The new inventory will emerge in the coming weeks. As part of the agreement, any sellers who are not authorized Apple retailers will be blocked from selling more Apple products from January 4th. "

" Weils situation illustrates the risk that independent sellers often build in a business on Amazon, where agreements made by the company can change the ground from under them, "writes Rubin." An ebaks spokesman said that the company has already heard from more Apple sellers who will be affected by the deal and the company plans to offer them support, like promotional listings, to encourage them to bring more of their business to eBay. "

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MacDailyNews Take: Trading Finds A Way. Expect eBay to become a place for Apple sellers who used to be on Amazon.

Amazon attacks attack Apple to sell new iPhones, iPads and more across the world ̵

1; November 9, 2018