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Among us App Store Video Spotlight

Among Us is a game that was launched in 2018, but which has recently seen an incredible growth in popularity. In addition to the popularity of game consoles, it is also a hit in the App Store and Google Play Store, and ranks at the top of the categories.

This growth has been partly credited to its ubiquitous cross-cutting gaming platforms and increased user interest. When users are looking for the game, will they then be forced to install it?

Does the app have the foundation needed to continue converting users, even when the virus wave dies? Aspects of the app listing, including the App Store Video, can make a significant difference.

For today’s App Store Spotlight, we take a look at the App Store video for Among Us and see if it performs its tasks, or if it should be voted out.

App Store video

Optimized creative assets are essential for an app. Among us, we are riding a wave of popularity, but there is no guarantee that it will last. When virality ends, it must maintain optimized assets in order to remain competitive.

We can evaluate the App Store videos to see how they can be improved based on ASO̵

7;s best practices for keeping users engaged.

App Store vs Google Play Store

While the Apple App Store and Google Play Store have different video guidelines, Among Us uses the same video for both stores. While this provides a consistent messaging service, it also misses out on some of the unique capabilities of Google Play’s video policies.

To be allowed in the Apple App Store, the video is 30 seconds long and uses only images in the app. If it used another video on Google Play, it could also use external recordings, such as players discussing who the cheater is and how it can be played across platforms.

App Store video

Video practice

The App Store Video provides a solid overview of the mobile game by combining video games with narrative text.

It takes players through several features of the game, such as the multiplayer functionality, the cheater’s game mechanics and the repair tasks. It does not spend much time on the discussion part, as it can expand if not for the deadline.

The text does not call out many keywords, although it does mention local game and multiplayer aspects. In this regard, it could possibly use several keywords, such as science fiction and survival themes.

The video is accompanied by a score from the mobile game’s soundtrack, which helps to set the mood in the game and the video.

App Store video

Competing apps

What do other mobile games on the App Store and Play Store do for their videos, and how do they compare to Among Us? If we look at similar games with relevant audiences, we can see what they do differently.

There are many apps with similar social deduction games, many of which came before Among Us. Do competitors have videos that can help them compete?

Triple Agent

On the Google Play Store, Triple Agent is a high-stakes mystery game. The game uses a stylized video, complete with graphics designed to look like spy series and a narrator who sounds like he is giving a secret agent a mission statement.

The video does not provide much information when it comes to games and does not use text on the screen to call out features or link the app to the keywords. In this case, it focused more on style and theme than on App Store Optimization best practices, although the following screenshots provide additional information that the video does not.

The fact that it does not include keywords or a lot of games puts it behind Among Us, so while there is still room for improvement, Among Us is ahead of this competitor.

App Store video

While the Triple Agent video is 30 seconds long and uses in-app footage, it’s only in the Google Play Store. In the Apple App Store, the app does not include any video. This is another area where Among Us has the edge when it comes to optimization.


Among Us is similar to festivals like “Werewolf” or “Mafia”, where players must exterminate a hidden saboteur among them. Another mobile game based on this concept is Party Mafia.

The video for this game takes players through part of the game, accompanied by music, but without text on the screen. Players must record the gameplay and mechanics based solely on what the video shows them, even if each screen goes fast.

App Store video

In this case, the video is shot in portrait style. On the Apple App Store, this will be acceptable as users can watch the video in portrait mode, but it does not have a video on iOS. Instead, the Google Play video, which must be on a landscape screen, leaves the sides of the screen black and blank. These spaces can be filled with additional information, including descriptions of the game, character art, and text that calls up keywords.

Once again, this is a situation where Among Us is ahead of the competition. Among Us uses full screen on iOS and Google Play, compared to videos that do not.

At the same time, this does not mean that Among Us has a perfect video. There is always room for improvement, and it will need to continue to optimize in order to maintain its current momentum.

All in all

Among Us has a solid foundation for its video, but it has room to grow. Success is often fleeting, and while the mobile game sees a huge increase in users due to its sudden popularity, it needs a good App Store Optimization strategy to maintain that momentum when the syringe wears out and other games rise to compete with it.

Good ASO, including a properly designed and tested video, can make the difference between a flash on the forehead and consistent, sustained growth and use.

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