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An overview of Apple’s announcements at the event in October 2020

Apple announced its new iPhone 12 series at the October 2020 event along with other products such as the new HomePod mini and MagSafe charging accessories. If you missed the live event, we have a complete overview of what Apple announced at the event and what new features were introduced with the products.

Let’s drive you through everything Apple found at the digital event in October!

HomePod Mini

HomePod Mini

The event started with the HomePod Mini becoming official, and just as was rumored earlier, the smaller HomePod is only 3.3 inches in height, making it half the size of the original HomePod.

The HomePod Mini is equipped with many features that were introduced in the HomePod, but has a small spherical design that keeps all touch-sensitive controls on top.

In terms of sound quality, the manufacturer claims that the new HomePod Mini comes with a full-spectrum driver with dual passive radiators. According to Apple, the hardware will be able to allow deep bass and sharp high-frequency sounds, giving you an immersive 360-degree sound experience.

Some new features have also been introduced in the software that the device runs. In fact, the new features will be available for both HomePod and HomePod mini. Family members will have an easy and fast way to get in touch with each other at home through the latest intercom feature. It also works with iPhone, iPad, CarPlay, Apple Watch and AirPods.

In addition, the HomePod can also be set as a permanent speaker output option for Apple TV now. When this setting is enabled, the HomePod becomes the default speaker for Apple TV. At this time, it is not clear if this feature will be available for the HomePod mini or not.

In addition to the difference in sound quality that users will be able to enjoy with this new hardware, there is another feature offered only to HomePod users, and that is the spatial awareness feature. In fact, the new HomePod mini includes a new U1 ultra broadband chip to offer better Handoff functionality, which is not available in the full-size HomePod.

Apple is starting to accept orders for the HomePod mini 6.th November, and the hardware will be made available from the week of November 16. The device will be priced at $ 99, and it is certainly far cheaper compared to the $ 299 HomePod. Apple has not cut the price of the larger model at all.

iPhone 12 lineup

iPhone 12 lineup

Apple introduced four new iPhones for 2020 that are available in three different sizes as rumored. The lineup includes an iPhone 12, the cheaper for the party, and it offers a couple of size options, ie 5.4 “and 6.1”. The 5.4 “device is the smallest available iPhone in recent years, and the smallest iPhone is called” iPhone 12 Mini “.

Advanced devices are called iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. These are available in 6.1 ”and 6.7” sizes where the latter offers the largest screen available to date in an Apple iPhone.

All of these new iPhones have edge-to-edge OLED screens that include Face ID as well as the forward-facing TrueDepth cameras. Also, this is the very first time Apple is introducing OLED screens across the board on its iPhone line.

The new iPhone 12 models also offer 5G support. Users in the US will exclusively be able to access smartphones with the fastest mmWave 5G. Support for sub-6 GHz 5G will be there in all other countries and also the United States.

iPhone 12 lineup

The new iPhone series for 2020 has also come with some design changes. The new iPhones are available in a more iPad Pro-style look that ditches the old rounded edges we’ve seen since the introduction of the iPhone 6. The newer models have more square and flat edges.

The iPhone 12 is equipped with a dual camera setup with wide and ultra-wide lenses along with an improved Smart HDR and a more capable night mode that expands the support of the selfie camera as well as the ultra-wide lens for the very first time. . It also comes with a night mode Time-lapse function. The 2020 iPhone series has also come with the latest camera technology as well. The advanced Pro iPhones now have LiDAR scanners on the back, and they are similar to those that came with the iPad Pro. This scanner enables scanning of objects and rooms, provides AR functions and much more. It also adds autofocus in low light, while improving capture time.

iPhone 12 lineup

In addition, all units will be equipped with the new and faster A14 chips that rely on a 5 nanometer process to reduce transistor size. According to Apple, the new 6-core CPU is around 50% faster compared to other smartphones around today. The devices also come with a new quad-core GPU that is around 50% faster compared to competing devices.

Apparently due to the expensive 5G technology, Apple is shipping the new iPhones without earbuds and power adapter that usually came with the new iPhones. Now, in 2020, iPhone users will have to buy power adapters separately.


Finally, Apple came up with the revived MagSafe brand to introduce its new range of magnetic accessories that will be available for the new iPhone 12 as well as the iPhone 12 Pro models. The entire iPhone 12 series comes with a magnetic ring on the back that makes it possible to use the devices with the new MagSafe accessory.


The smartphone maker has also launched a new MagSafe accessory line for the latest iPhone 12, which includes a MagSafe charger that can provide around 15W of power to your iPhone. The accessory also includes a new MagSafe Duo charger that includes a built-in Apple Watch charger so users can charge the Apple Watch and iPhone at the same time.

Apple has also introduced a new line of clear and silicone cases for the latest iPhone 12. These new cases will also use the recently launched MagSafe technology. In addition to these, a new wallet has also been introduced that attaches to your iPhone back magnetically.

Finally, Apple has also given third-party accessory manufacturers a chance to use the new MagSafe ecosystem and introduce innovative accessories from those who can use magnets that come on the back of the iPhone 12.


The MagSafe branding for Apple’s wireless charging line comes after the smartphone maker canceled the AirPower project back in 2019 due to concerns about overheating and reliability. As it turns out, Apple has changed strategy now and goes back to the older magnetic-based approach used with MagSafe chargers on the MacBook line for a long time.

The new textbook with MagSafe, the new MagSafe charger and iPhone 12 Pro Clear cover and silicone case is available since 16 October. Apple will make the new iPhone 12 Pro leather case available from Friday 6. November. The charger will arrive at a later date.

Other announcements

In addition to those mentioned above, Apple also had some other announcements at the October 13 event. Here you can quickly look at these:

  • New Beats Flex headphones now take BeatsX to a whole new level for just $ 49.99
  • iPhone XR and iPhone 11 are still affordable alternatives while Apple has discontinued its iPhone 11 Pro models
  • iPhone SE, XR and iPhone 11 no longer come with the power adapter and EarPods. However, Apple will continue to offer USB-C to zipper cable in the package.
  • Apple will offer its customers 3 months free access to the Apple Arcade if they come from the new device
  • Apple’s MagSafe Chargers will provide a 15W charging experience where Qi is only limited to 7.5 W even now
  • Apple now sells only 20W USB-C power adapter for $ 19
  • urBeats3 has been discontinued following the release of Beats Flex

So, which of these announcements from Apple do you think are the ones that will work for you? Any personal favorites? Are you planning to buy the new HomePod mini or iPhone 12? There’s something for everyone, and you’ll have to rely on Apple’s best, upgraded products for complete peace of mind.

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