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Any tips for hacking and landing iOS development sites? : iOSProgramming

Feels the markets tough, and there is a decline in employment for jobs, but wondered that I could nevertheless get some advice on how I can break in as an iOS developer. I’m supposed to be in a target market (NYC), but I think all the job ads are very sparse at junior / entry level

The background about me is that I am two years old, currently working in a Fortune 500 in computer technology, have a mathematical degree from undergraduate, but not a CS degree. Can not complain about my current position, but quite definitely working in Data is not what I want to do in the future

Since quarantine hit, CS learned the basics (data structures) and began programming personal projects. Fell into iOS and made two projects I̵

7;m quite proud of (they make API calls and layer views / programmatically restricted).

I have tried to look internally in my company to switch, but companies in a strange place right now financially and work friends, tell me that there is a hiring freeze likely until the end of the year. Externally, it does not seem to find many posts for a junior iOS developer, outside of what I assume is the general ‘Software Engineer’ post at large technology companies such as Amazon.

I have started practicing the coding interview / search code, and I hope I can continue to hunt internally / externally in the new year, but wanted to know if something was missing in the search for iOS positions in particular


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